yoursexypotato Runes of Hecate
According to the legends... Three millenniums ago, a war between Gods broke out. Having been caught up in the war, half of the planet Earth was devastated. Mountains were cleaved, rivers ran dry, and forests were left barren. Its people, who were mere ants in front of the Gods' overwhelming power, prayed every day for the war to end. Feeling pity on the planet, a Goddess descended. The...
AMCraft The Hitman
Tired of everyday life. John wanted some thriller in his life so he decided to look through the deep web and found an interesting website
vicgreenep random short stories
random short stories that I make/alter for fun. some stories will be made by me while others will be taken and altered to a more humorous.
Romanred Otome Game Revival!
Lori Green was just your average day young woman. But her life suddenly comes to a halt when a passenger bus accidentally hits her on a red light. But what she didn't expect was to wake up as a egg. yes an egg! A voice could be heard in her consciousness. "In order to be reborn and hatch from your egg, you must complete 20 missions. if you can complete the 20 missions bestowed upon you, one wish...
wameera_22 MY KIND OF LOVE
Miray Yethu was the CEO of the MIT company which she built from scratch. Having a cold personality and not revealing her identity to the public, she had a lot of rumours going on about her. Miray cared less about them, as long as the people she loved were beside her. She was really happy and content with the happiness she would feel by being with her family, spending time with her longtime best friend...