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Chapter 201 Volume 3 Chapter 11 s.h.i.+ramizu Mochizuki

Shao Qing looked expressionlessly at the men and women behind her. This group of people had old ones and young ones. They only had one thing in common, that is, they all looked good.

Among them, the young boy with the heaviest injury looked the most beautiful. He had a sharp eye and had a charm to his look.

But …

She couldn’t manage all of them! There’s too many people!

The fight was cool, but after the event was a disaster …

Why are they playing me?

Those people who were used to being slaves were skilled at reading people’s expressions. When they saw Shao Qing like this, they all got down on their knees. They look at Shao Qing with tears in their eyes, one looking more pitiful than the next.

Don’t think that slaves are pitiful, abandoned slaves are even more pitiful. If Shao Qing did not want them, they would have no place to go. They also have no ability to ensure that they could live safely, so it would just be a dead end.

Shao Qing was terrified. With so many eyes looking at her, she was really terrified. She quickly said: “You are free.”

Several people turned pale immediately. They were happy and fearful looking at Shao Qing sc.r.a.pping their former master.

Happy because someone was avenging them. Scared because they feared that Shao Qing would do the same to them.

But they did not expect that Shao Qing would abandon them directly.

Those slaves had their faces change in an instant, the most brilliant young man said pitifully: “Please master, do not abandon me. I’m willing to do anything, light and heavy work, anything is possible …”

Shao Qing did not know what happened to abandoned slaves. That’s why she felt that the islanders had innate slave-like characters. Why would they rather be slaves when they were given freedom?

“Is freedom not good?”

The teenager seemed to understand that Shao Qing did not know anything and quickly said: “We are all ordinary people and have been subjected to abuse all year round. Our bodies are all weak and frail. If we do not have the protection of our masters, it’ll be useless even if we become free. We will just get bullied to death in a few days … ”

Shao Qing now understood. Even if she didn’t come out today, these people wouldn’t be able to live too long, just look at their injuries.

But since she made her move, these people belonged to her in name. If she gave up on them, then she wouldn’t be killing them, but they would still die because of her. There was basically no difference.

She can only ask Itoji Muzi: “Are there any methods to satisfy both parties?”

“You can sell them to the slave house and wait for a new owner to buy them.” Itoji Muzi hurriedly said. There was one at the base, a slave house for slave exchanges. Many people would sell their children and wait for others to buy them.

Some slaves with masters who got tired of playing with them were also sold there.

There were also many people who took their own slaves to trade with others.

Although that was a possibility, this was tantamount to gambling with your life. Because who knew who would buy them, but at least it would be better than being an abandoned slave.

Shao Qing was still more humane. She asked: “I will give you a choice now. If you are willing to leave, you can leave now. You will be free. If you are not willing to leave, I will sell you to the slave house. Dead or alive, it will depend on your destiny. You can make your own choice. Those who are willing to leave can go now.”

Everyone stayed kneeling on the ground with their heads down. No one said a word and after a long time, still no one stood up to leave.

After a long time, Shao Qing said: “For those who want to leave, I can give them some crystal nucleus. It’s not much, but at least it will ensure that there is no worry about eating and drinking for half a month.”

Still no one left.

“Since you a

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