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s now. The first is that Han Shulin is angry, very angry. He already knows that the account book has been taken away by us. It is very likely that he will kill everyone and kill all the young girls. The second is that he might not be willing to kill them all. He will just take the ones with the best looks and transfer them again. No matter which option he chooses, many people will surely die, so we must find a way to save them.” Shao Qing sorted out her thoughts and calmly explained.

She began to plan very calmly: “Of course we have too few people. So I think we need to attract the guards. We will allow the ones who are willing to run away and escape to run away and escape, the ones who are unwilling, well we can’t do anything about that.”

Several others nodded, at least they did their best. Those who were suspicious and unwilling to trust them to escape, they couldn’t help it.

“Fu Jingmo you stay. Hide yourself, others come with me.” Shao Qing finally said and handed a gun to Fu Jingmo.

This gun was from Yan Hanqing’s inventory. Although it was a pistol with relatively low lethality, as long as Fu Jingmo does not run around, self-protection should be sufficient.

Fu Jingmo did not speak. He took the gun and found a place to hide himself. After Shao Qing and others prepared themselves, they went directly to the secret base.

The Qiu Tang should be able to stop Han Shulin and the rest for a period of time. This will give Shao Qing an opportunity to save people.

Shao Qing had observed that there were two whole squads of guards with about thirty people in total and their strength was between second and third rank.

Although Shao Qing had only a few people, they were all elites. If their fighters were strategically operated, they should be able to rescue those people.

After they arrived outside the secret base, they were careful. There were still machine guns outside the base, a team of people patrolling outside, and a team of people patrolling inside. Generally speaking, the guards were relatively strict.

Shao Qing was carrying Xiao Baozi and Xiao Baozi was carrying Yaya. A family of three squatted in the gra.s.s to observe. Shao Tong covered them with a layer of mental power s.h.i.+eld. This s.h.i.+eld can isolate the induction of breath. Whether it was a mutant animal, zombie, or even human beings, one would not be able to sense their breath.

However, direct observation cannot be isolated. After all, this is a protective cover, not an invisibility cloak. They were still visible to the naked eye.

A group of people approached the base carefully, their time was limited and they had to make a quick decision.

After approaching the base, the first one to move was Er Dai. With one jump, he rushed directly into the crowd.

What happens when a zombie mixes into a group of people? Obviously, the group of people would panic first. Although they are all superhumans and not afraid of being infected, their natural instincts caused them to be in disorder.

When the patrol squad was in chaos, Gu Panpan and Yan Qiyue left and right went to cover. Shao Qing’s vines were also released. Only Shao Tong followed Shao Qing. Her task was to protect Shao Qing and Xiao Baozi and to manipulate the overall situation.

Generally speaking, Shao Tong was like a brick. Wherever she needs to be placed or it should be said that whichever place requires it, she would use her mental strength to fill the vacancy.

“Don’t show mercy, just kill them.” Shao Qing said coldly. This group of people a.s.sisted in abusing and helped Han Shulin do such immoral things. They deserved to die.

Besides, there must have been a lot of lives that died from their hands. The skeletal bodies in the pit were proof.

So there was no need to show mercy to these men. Killing them was like getting rid of a calamity.

They also understood this very well and were all merciless, especially Gu Panpan. Whoever dared to face

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