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Volume 2 Chapter 42 Saving People

Han Shulin was injured in the beginning because he was caught off guard. Han Shulin’s strength was actually quite good. Gathering a group of prisoners, he had established a survivor base. All of the higher ups did not have any moral concept, so they were all willing to plunder and kill others for their crystals and they were good at it.

Under these despicable means, Han Shulin was now a rank 4 superhuman. Although his rank came through crystals making his foundation a little weaker, his tactics were vicious. In terms of combat effectiveness, he would not lose out to other rank 4 superhumans.

Shao Qing was ranked higher than him, but it was impossible to kill Han Shulin in such a short time. Fighting with Han Shulin, she continually a.n.a.lyzed how to escape. Of course, the critical point was that she had to bring Xie Chunyan with her.

There were already faint footsteps outside. It must’ve been someone who heard the alarm go off and had come to a.s.sist Han Shulin. If this entanglement continued, Shao Qing would not be able to handle it.

In terms of combat effectiveness, Shao Qing was quite arrogant. But it’s hard to beat four hands with two fists, not to mention there would be hundreds of hands.

Xie Chunyan saw the situation clearly. She knew that with Shao Qing’s character, she would never leave easily without saving her.

How could she, a person wanting to die, drag Shao Qing down like that?

Xie Chunyan smiled and suddenly said: “Although I don’t know your name, I still want to thank you for this matter. After you leave, when you see him, could you please tell him if he meets my sister, to tell him to take care of her for me.”

Shao Qing heard Xie Chunyan’s words that had the sentiment of someone’s last words. Slapping Han Shulin away and preparing to take Xie Chunyan forcibly, Xie Chunyan had already taken out the dagger Shao Qing gave her. Then without any hesitation, she cut her own throat.

She was a weak woman. Before the apocalypse, she was treasured by her family and her husband. After the apocalypse, overnight, she had nothing left causing this weak woman to become strong.

The bravest thing she had ever done in her life was what she did today. The hot blood sprayed from the wound and splashed all over Shao Qing’s chest and clothes. Shao Qing’s eyes were dark and understanding.

Xie Chunyan chose to end her life in order not to drag her down. Xie Chunyan knew that with her, Shao Qing might not even be able to get away. Shao Qing attached importance to friends.h.i.+p and would never escape alone.

Shao Qing gritted her teeth and wanted to kill Han Shulin before leaving, but it was too late. A series of footsteps were already outside. As soon as she waved her hand, a s.p.a.ce crack appeared. With a flash, Shao Qing stepped in.

When she came out again, she was already in the small garden where she met Xie Chunyan. Shao Qing was not very familiar with the power of s.p.a.ce. So far, the distance that her s.p.a.ce cracks can cross is at max 100 meters. Furthermore, she couldn’t bring people. If she did take people, she was afraid she would bring in living people, but leave with only a pool of minced meat.

After leaving, Shao Qing didn’t immediately go to meet up with Er Dai. Instead, she found a drafty place to plant a Qiu Tang.

The fragrance followed the wind and soon filled the entire survivor base. After doing all this, she left the base to join up with Er Dai.

The meeting place was in the woods outside the base. Er Dai and the others were impatiently walking around, it was only when Shao Qing came over that they were relieved.

They all knew what Shao Qing was doing. When they saw Shao Qing’s expression and saw that she came back alone, they knew Shao Qing was unsuccessful.

They wanted to comfort Shao Qing but didn’t know how. They also knew that Shao Qing would not want any comforting.

“There are two situations

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