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Volume 2 Chapter 19 The Marvelous Ingredients


For the first half of the night, it was completely tranquil. There wasn’t even the slightest cry of any animal or insect. Shao Qing understood very well that there was definitely a terrifying creature hidden in the dark, otherwise why wouldn’t there be any sounds at all?

Once the second half of the night arrived, Shao Qing could acutely hear some sort of sound. That sound was very strange. It was a bit m.u.f.fled and sounded like someone was drilling a hole.

Raising her guard, she grabbed the handle of her knife. Originally covering its head with two big leaves, the sleeping Da Hua also instantly went on high alert and quickly spread open its layers of petals.

Yan Qiyue was also awake. Completely silent, he narrowed his eyes, his powers already brewing on his palm. In an instant, one corner suddenly ruptured and a milky white tentacle bore its way out of the ground.

The movement of the tentacles was extremely quick. Once it was out, it immediately darted towards Shao Qing. However, Yan Qiyue was even quicker. Extending out both his hands, he closed them together and caused the tentacles to be locked in place. Not allowing Shao Qing to make a move, the tentacles seemed to vibrate and shattered Yan Qiyue’s atmosphere lock.

Seeing the tentacles were going to penetrate through Yan Qiyue’s neck, Shao Qing’s knife was tossed over. The knife brushed past Yan Qiyue’s nose and cut off the front portion of the tentacle. Milky white liquid began spouting out.

At once, Yan Qiyue rolled backwards, dodging the liquid spraying out. His guess of it being poisonous was accurate. As soon as the liquid splashed onto the quilt, it corroded it so there was nothing left.

Cold sweat appeared on Yan Qiyue’s forehead. Lifting his head, he saw that after the tentacle squirmed a bit, it grew back.

F*ck, doesn’t this make it invincible?

Shao Qing, completely focused, held onto her knife. With her other hand, she gave it a wave and lush green vines came flying out and twisted around the tentacles.

Speedily, the tentacles once again burrowed its way back into the ground leaving Shao Qing’s vines to throw itself into the empty air. But she was not discouraged. Pulling Yan Qiyue, she was alert of her surroundings. Who knew when that tentacle might pop out again.

The surroundings were in complete silence for a long time. Not a tentacle could be seen. Having his heart squeezing tight, he anxiously asked: “What is that thing?”

During the split second he spoke, there was a movement underneath Shao Qing’s feet and the white tentacle once again poked its way through. Attempting to wrap itself around Shao Qing’s leg, Shao Qing quickly retreated back a step. With no time to pick up the distant knife, she just used her vines as a whip and lashed out.

Being tempered by Yan Qiyue these past two days, the whip has become a toy that she was extremely familiar with. When the vine came flying out, it came together with the tentacle. All at once, it tightened up. Originally in the middle of striking, the tentacle was restrained by Shao Qing.

That thing was very strong. It forcibly dragged Shao Qing as it attempted to escape. Struggling to keep her body stable, she desperately pulled in the other direction.

From what Shao Qing could see, this tentacle still had another portion buried.

The tentacle had the ability to regenerate. Beating it would only cause it to regrow the portion back.

Therefore to figure out how to deal with it, they must first determine what it was.

Using all her strength, she pulled another portion of the tentacle out. Then, as if it were a rubber band, it stretched out. Seeing this, Yan Qiyue rushed to give Shao Qing a hand. With their combined strengths, they were a lot stronger than the tentacle. Despite trying its best to pull back, it was pulled out inch by inch.

As the struggle continued, Da Hua came s.h.i.+fting o

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