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Chapter 82 Boiling Blood

Although the reality wasn’t as serious as how Shao Qing portrayed it, she was definitely a controlling person and especially loved to protect the people by her side.

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After she spoke with Meng Shen, Shao Qing was able to smell a conspiracy. That was also one of the reasons why she rejected.

After rejecting Meng Shen, Shao Qing packed up her things and prepared to return. But before she left, a tall pretty man stopped in front of her stall: “I heard that you are purchasing high ranked zombie crystals.”

Shao Qing as expected stopped her footsteps: “That’s right. Rank three as well as rank three and above zombie crystals, I want them all.”

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That person made a slight smile and extended his finger: “Ten pieces of rank 3 crystals along with the remuneration to send us off from S city survivor base. What do you think?”

Ten pieces of rank 3 zombie crystals was an extremely expensive price. A rank 3 squad who went on missions nonstop for a month couldn’t even guarantee ten rank 3 zombie crystals.

Yan Pingsheng felt that when he had stated this offer there would be no one who wouldn’t be moved by this offer. Sending Meng Shen was a mistake, he should have handled it by himself then they would have achieved success instantly.

After that Yan Pingsheng heard Shao Qing reply: “I am currently purchasing high ranked zombie crystals. If you require to hire any services from superhuman squads, please go to the mission hall. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go home for dinner.”

Yan Pingsheng: …..

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This development was completely different from what he expected!

Shouldn’t Shao Qing be excitedly agreeing to it? Then he would be able to get information on that piece of doc.u.ment during the journey, such that he could even obtain a backup copy?

Waiting for Yan Pinghsheng to snap back to reality, Shao Qing had already packed up her items and was leaving confident and at ease.

Shao Qing happily returned back home and pa.s.sed the little notebook over to Shao Tong. Shao Tong didn’t know how to read, but she was able to still recognize some simple characters. If it was too complicated she won’t be able to read it.

Since she got injured by her father on the head when she was in her second year of elementary, she had recovered but did not return back to school.

Shao Qing could only look at it herself and slowly explain it to her. Shao Tong was very serious when she was learning. In the end, she pulled on Shao Qing’s sleeve quietly seeking her out with her spiritual powers: “Jiejie, I want to learn to read…”

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Shao Qing rubbed her head: “Later, I’ll go out and take a look. Maybe I can find a workbook and teach you how to read.”

Shao Tong bursted out a smile and leaned close to Shao Qing. Before, she had always thought that in her former life she must have done some sinful deed since no one liked her. From birth until now, she had only suffered.

Until she met Shao Qing, then did she knew how lucky she was this life to be able to meet her.

Shao Qing is the only one who has treated her well and never turned her back on her or gave up on her because she was dumb. That is why she was able to bring out her potential to show Shao Qing.

The facts told her, she didn’t bet incorrectly.

When Shao Qing was teaching Shao Tong, she also learned a lot of new things, pertaining to the use of spiritual energy, how to train it, and most importantly how to store it.

Just when she was teaching Shao Tong, she suddenly heard a shout from outside. That sound was very familiar…it was clearly Er Dai’s. At once, Shao Qing rushed out. Going to take a look after hearing some sounds, s

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