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Volume 2 Chapter 41 Getting hold of the account book

If ordinary people saw this scene, they would have been so scared that their soul left their body. Yet, Shao Qing was calm. She stopped where she was. When she turned around she saw a pale but bloodless hand hold onto the edge of the pit. Veins popping up from tension, after a while, a head stuck out.

It was a young boy at most seventeen or eighteen years old. On the tip of his forehead and nose, there were beads of sweat mixed with dirt and blood, making him look like he was in a sorry state.

His upper body hung at the edge of the pit. Panting, he took a break preparing to acc.u.mulate some strength to crawl out again.

A pair of white sneakers appeared in front of him. The teenager was shocked. He fought with his life to escape from that h.e.l.l. Was he going to be thrown back into the wolf den?

The boy looked up and saw Shao Qing’s cold eyebrows and was slightly relieved, at least he had never seen Shao Qing at Shulin survivor base before.

“Madam, could you please do me a favor and send me to the Jing Du survivor base…” After the teenager spoke he was a little embarra.s.sed, “I… I can’t really offer you any good compensation …”

“Did you escape from Shulin? I’ll ask you a few questions. If you answer honestly, I will send you to Jing Du Survivor Base.” Shao Qing didn’t care about the dirtiness of the young man and pulled him out of the pit.

This place was too dangerous for discussing. Shao Qing took the teenager to the depths of the forest. At least there it would not be easy to be found then she put the teenager on the ground. “How much do you know about the dirty dealing in the Shulin survivor base?”

The boy hesitated, and finally gritted his teeth:” I originally came from the south and have some relatives at the Jingdu Survivor Base. I was on my way there when I was kidnapped by the hunters from Shulin.”

“I am not very clear about the other stuff, but there were about 50 victims where I was locked up. They were all in their teens or 20s. Twenty girls were taken away not long ago. Life and death unknown. Running away this time was something I planned for a long time. Someone today was going to…. going to force themselves on a young girl. Taking advantage of the opportunity to stop them, I got beat up and was supposed to pretend to be dead. However, they suddenly got some news and wanted to take everyone away. In the chaos, I got into a sack, pretended to be a corpse and was transported out.”After careful consideration, the boy spilled out all the information he knew. With his own strength, it was difficult to reach Jing Du safely and find help to save those poor people. If Shao Qing was bad at heart, then he could only blame himself for being blind. If Shao Qing can understand everything and fulfill her promise and take him to Jing Du, then those poor people might have a greater chance of being saved.

He can only make a gamble. His life was in Sh

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