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Volume 2 Chapter 31 Another country’s envoy

That figure wasn’t someone else, it was Lin Qifan. He has changed. He had gotten thinner, but those false tenderness in his appearance still stood in the crowd.

Shao Qing felt her heart had been just chiseled by something, and the broken hole was bleeding out. It was probably because her expression was too obvious, Yan Qiyue couldn’t help but pat her shoulder. “Ah Qing, what’s wrong with you?”

Shao Qing shook her head and led them to calmly leave. She wanted to cut Lin Qifan’s heart apart and see if it was actually black inside, but now was not the best time.

That sc.u.m of a man, how could he be more important than Er Dai?

When both sides pa.s.sed by each other, Lin Qifan turned back and saw the back of Shao Qing. The woman beside him asked: “Qifan, what are you looking at? You seem so fascinated.”

Lin Qifan reluctantly smiled: “I just saw a familiar back, I thought it was an acquaintance.”

Lin Qifan thought about it, how could it be. Shao Qing was dead. When the hospital was informing him to claim the body, he didn’t dare to pick up.

Tossing throughout the night unable to sleep, everytime he closed his eyes it was her cold countenance, but with the gentleness that only bloomed for him that appeared before him. Then in the next second, her body was covered with blood.

At that time, Lin Qifan did not have much regret. This was because he still had a brighter future. Qin Jiao liked him so much. As long as he married Qin Jiao, the whole company would have belonged to him in the future.

But the apocalypse came. When he had nothing, then did he remember how good Shao Qing was. If Shao Qing was around, she would not let him suffer at all…..

Since the end of the world, he has been exhausted running around thus he had no time to regret. Until he just saw this figure, that familiarity made his heart tremble and Lin Qifan once again recalled Shao Qing.

On the other hand, after Shao Qing’s emotions fluctuated for a moment, Lin Qifan was thrown to the back of her brain. Right now, she had to find Er Dai, as soon as possible.

That silly Er Dai. If he wasn’t by her side, he might get bullied. The longer they were separated, the more she missed him. Er Dai’s face would often appear in her mind, stupidly staring at her.

If this world, if you were speaking of trust, besides Xiao Baozi who Shao Qing trusted the most, Er Dai would be second. Besides Xiao Baozi, Er Dai had been with her the longest. The more one thought about something, the longer the time, the deeper it became ingrained. As it continues to ferment, the stronger it will be.

In the end, Shao Qing still couldn’t leave. This was because when their group had just walked out of the villa area, they hadn’t even walked onto the pedestrian street leading to the mission hall when they were stopped by Cai Yingying.

Cai Yingying was panting and pulling on Shao Qing’s sleeves unwilling to let go. “Qing Jie, why are you guys leaving? If someone didn’t come to inform me, I wouldn’t have known at all! Please stay for a few more days!!”

Having no options, she revealed everything: “Actually, we came to Jing Du survivor base because we are looking for someone. I have a companion who was separated in our last mission. I have already been to all the survivor bases near the mission site, and Jing Du was the remaining one. ”

“This is easy to handle. You should leave it to me. Even though the mercenary group of my family is not that big, bthey do have some strength in Jing Du. At least, it would be more convenient than you guys searching around everywhere. We can also go to the mission hall to register for a task of looking for your companion. Stay, Qing Jie. Tell me your companion’s appearance , I can get people to go find them. Once there’s news, I will inform you immediately.” Cai Yingying hurriedly added.

Shao Qing thought about it and said: “He isn’t that old and mute. His tem

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