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Volume 2 Chapter 24 Reunion

In that split second, Shao Qing was indeed thinking of making a move. Yet, just when she was about to do it, someone appeared in her peripheral vision.

This person wasn’t some random person, but Yan Pingsheng. Yan Pingsheng was sitting in his off road vehicle, expressionless. He appeared very solemn. When he came out, Hao Ge and the rest hurriedly got out of the way, each face filled with revery.

Hao Ge even specially pulled Shao Qing and said: “That is one of our leaders in the base, you can’t offend him.”

Not saying anything, Shao Qing just stood on the road where the off-road vehicle had to pa.s.s. Right away, Hao Ge was about to p.i.s.s his pants. He had no idea that Shao Qing was such a gutsy person.

The off-road vehicle immediately came to a halt. The driver stuck out his head and cursed: “Are you crazy?!”

Then the driver was pressed against the steering wheel by Yan Pingsheng who had a face filled with surprise as he jumped out of the car: “Ah Qing? Is that you?”

Shao Qing nodded her head and asked: “Where’s Er Dai and my son? Are they at your place?”

“Come in first and talk.” Yan Pingsheng hesitated then the people behind immediately asked: “Don’t we need to go to…”

Before he could even finish, Yan Pingsheng shouted: “Go yourself, we’re returning!” However, in front of Shao Qing, he was particularly pleasant: “I’ll go call Meng Shen and then we can sit down and talk.”

Pulling Yan Qiyue along, Shao Qing followed Yan Pingsheng in. The Hao Ge who attempted to pick up Shao Qing: QAQ

Meng Shen had lost some weight, but it couldn’t cover up the happiness he was showing. Hearing Yan Pingsheng’s news, he cast away everything that he was doing and rushed over: “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

Yan Qiyue’s entire person became alert. Shao Qing was actually quite a slow person and she didn’t sense it at all. But, Yan Qiyue was able to sense it clearly. This man clearly had feelings for Shao Qing.

Yan Qiyue quickly hugged Shao Qing’s arm and beamed: “Ah Qing, why don’t you introduce us?”

Shao Qing didn’t understand what Yan Qiyue was thinking, so she seriously replied: “This person here is Yan Pingsheng. This is Meng Sheng. They’re both my friends.” After saying that she pointed at Yan Qiyue: “When I had fallen into the Yan River, it was Qiyue who saved me.”

Qiyue, calling him in such a close manner, Meng Shen narrowed his eyes. Then suddenly smiled and said: “Ah Qing, coming back this time you must be preparing to settle down in Jiang Bei survivor base?”

“I just came to see if you guys had safely escaped, as well as to… see if Er Dai and them are currently in the Jiang Bei survivor base.” Shao Qing frowned,somewhat nervous.

Meng Shen shook his head. “At that time when you had fallen into the water, Er Dai immediately jumped in after you. Yan Pingsheng and I had tried to search along the Yan River, but we couldn’t find any traces of you two. Yan Hanqing and them have stayed at Jiang Bei survivor base for several days, probably waiting for you. However, since you never returned, they followed Yan Ruru back. They said they were going back to settle down, but in actuality they were searching for you.”

Yan Pingsheng immediately followed up: “They said they are going to go to each survivor base along the Yan River. This way they were bound to find you.”

Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue stared at each other, feeling a bit of an eyesore. This was because if Yan Hanqing were to go along the Yan River, they should arrive at Lin Chuan survivor base.

Yan Hanqing should be fine. The person Shao Qing was most worried about was Er Dai. She wasn’t worried that something might have happened when Er Dai fell into the river. She was worried about what happened after he climbed ash.o.r.e. If he was unlucky and encountered someone with bad intentions and took advantage of him or if his ident.i.ty was revealed….

Shoa Qing immediately interrupted: “Since t

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