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Volume 2 Chapter 9 Part 1

Formulating a plan

Falling from a higher location, Yan Pingsheng couldn’t help spitting out a mouthful of blood. If it weren’t for Meng Shen protecting him, he probably would have shattered to pieces.

Right now the thing he needs to find is help.

But where would help come from? They were still a distance away from Jiang Bei survivor base, by the time he found help, Meng Shen and them might already be…..

Yan Pingsheng did think about finding Shao Qing, but what if he found her? Should he have her go die with him?

Hearing some hissing and roaring behind him, Yan Pingsheng forced himself up. Staggering forward, he began to run. He really regrets it now. Why didn’t he try harder to convince everyone at that time? At that time he should’ve been more firm and listened to Shao Qing. Whether or not people were against it, he should have forced them to retreat. Then this would not have happened.

Yan Pingsheng was already putting in a great effort, but he was limping while running. So the zombies that were as nimble as monkeys quickly caught up.

Yan Pingsheng had given up all hope. He was being bitten clean by zombies, one bite after another. Being confined among then, he wasn’t able to prop himself up and was going to be finished off soon.

Regret was useless. One of the zombies threw himself onto Yan Pingsheng and bit his neck. An acute pain spread throughout, but it made Yan Pingsheng’s eyes become stern. Pulling out the dagger at his waist, he stabbed his knife through the zombies eyeb.a.l.l.s; yet, the zombie still didn’t release him.

Pus.h.i.+ng off the zombies body, the piece of flesh it was biting off tore off. Blood came sprouting out like a fountain. Letting out a groan he somersaulted forward to avoid another zombie. His eyes showing the fierceness after despair.

Even if he died, he was determined to have a few zombies to share the same fate.

It is said that during times of peril, people would be able to surpa.s.s their own ability. Yan Pingsheng was able to experience this personally. His superhuman power had no useful aspect to it. He could only rely on his frail strength, yet it unexpectedly helped him kill two zombies. However at that time he has already exhausted all his strength. He was full of wounds left by the attacking zombies and gasped for air on the ground. He didn’t even have the energy to move a single finger. The remaining zombies all threw themselves over and began to bite his flesh.

Besides feeling more pain, he felt even more despair.

It was during that time that Yan Pingsheng blurrily heard a sharp whistle. Immediately following, a few emerald green vines came sweeping across him like a whip causing the zombies on top of him to go flying off.

Afterwards a nimble silhouette dropped from the sky. Using it’s sharp claws it easily tore the zombie chasing him to shreds.

That figure was extremely quick. Running around, it didn’t even leave behind an afterimage. In a matter of seconds, it had finished off all the zombies that had followed him.

“Are you okay?” Shao Qing stopped the car by Yan Pingsheng’s side. Getting off the car to check on his wounds, she saw that he had a lot of scratches and bite marks. They weren’t life threatening, but stopping the bleeding will be annoying.

If they didn’t stop the bleeding in time and wrap up the wounds, then the blood loss would be enough to cause his death.

In fact the wounds where the zombie had bitten were covered in poison. Although superhumans aren’t affected by the zombie virus, it would still cause more difficulty to stop the bleeding.

“Endure it.” Taking out a dagger, Shao Qing stripped Yan Pingsheng bare. Yan Pingsheng was a bit ashamed, but even more, he was anxious. Gripping Shao Qing’s hand he hurriedly said: “Quickly leave. Leave this city. This city has an evolved zombie of an unknown rank. He is able to control all the zombies in the city. After settin

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