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Chapter 81 Shao Qing’s Tyranny

On the second day, when Shao Qing left to set up her stall as expected she saw Meng Shen again. Slipping Shao Qing a book, Shao Qing flipped through it and asked: “What is this?”

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“This my experience and understanding regarding the practices of spiritual energy.” Meng Shen faintly smiled and said: “Last night, I sorted it out into a book. You can take it back and give it to your companion to see.”

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“Thank you.” Shao Qing paused for a moment, not knowing how to react. Originally, she thought that Meng Shen was a foolish big spender who was odd and perverted but this move of Meng Shen’s made her feel bad.

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“I like your…. personality. I want to be your friend and you don’t need to thank friends.” Meng Shen quickly recalled the book Yan Pingsheng had given him before he came. Since his memorization ability was especially good, that long book only took him a little while to memorize completely.

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Nevertheless he is still a strange person. Shao Qing silently changed her label of Meng Shen from foolish big spender to a somewhat strange pervert into a somewhat approachable…. pervert.

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Continuing to speak, Meng Shen said: “There’s also another thing. I’m originally from Jiang Bei’s survivor base and soon we will have to head back. That’s why I want to invite you… en….. Do you have a superhuman squad?”

Shao Qing nodded her head then replied: “My squad is only a rank 2 superhuman squad. Furthermore we didn’t establish it that long ago. You should probably consider it a bit more before requesting us to do something.”

“It’s like this. The squad that had escorted us on this journey had quite a few injuries. If they were to escort us back, it might be a bit forced. Therefore I wanted to invite your superhuman squad to send us back. Then when the mission is accomplished, I will pay you a remuneration according to the usual rank mission.” Meng Shen then carefully said: “I could even give you half the remuneration before the mission and then give you the rest when we reach the destination. What do you think?”

Shao Qing didn’t rashly agree to anything. Rather she asked: “Why do you want to choose our small squad? I believe, you guys should do some investigation in advance first. Within S city’s survivor base, there are quite a few strong superhuman squads. There are even three rank three squads yet we are just a newly established squad that had recently been promoted to rank 2. A normal person would normally choose one of the three rank 3’s right?

“You are really cautious.” Speaking about business, Meng Shen was a completely different person. Wearing gold framed gla.s.ses today, it covered his keen eyes, softening his entire aura: “You’re correct. I indeed did some investigation prior. At the beginning we were going to choose one of the three rank 3 squads. However later on, you led your team and Team Gale back. In comparison to you Team Gale should be more experienced, a top notch superhuman squad. Yet, they were almost completely wiped out while you guys didn’t even have one loss. Don’t speak to me about luck, I won’t believe that. From my view, even if luck was a factor, strength also played a role.”

“What else.” Shao Qing cool-headedly looked at Meng Shen. Try to intentionally plant a flower and they won’t grow, unintentionally insert a willow branch and it will bud. Meng Shen all along had tried to wash away the bad impression of himself in Shao Qing’s mind, yet there was no success. However these words just now completely changed Shao Qing’s view of him.

He was attentive, had a strong perception, and his abi

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