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Chapter 14 First Investigation

The next day, Shao Qing tidied up some things. Contacting a group of superhumans, Shao Qing was seen as a wood element superhuman. Wood element superhumans are relatively popular even if they were only of rank one.

In just a few moments, Shao Qing was able to find a group willing to allow her to join them. A lot of the investigation squads were a combination of superhumans and ordinary people. After all, superhumans are relatively scarce. To collect a group that consists of solely superhumans, those groups would usually only be the survivor base’s high ranked investigation squads. However, most of the time those squadrons weren’t accepting new people.

The group that Shao Qing found did not have many members. Within the group there were three superhumans. A pair of siblings, a brother and a sister. The brother was taciturn and spoke little. He was tall and good looking with delicate facial features. Too bad he had facial nerve paralysis.

The little sister was energetic with large almond eyes and cherry lips. She was a beauty. Wearing suspenders revealing her navel, she chattered continuously. As a result, Shao Qing was able to quickly understand why the older brother was called Gu Chuan [to take consideration] and the little sister was called Gu Panpan [To look around]

The remaining superhuman was called A Tu. Nice and round, his ability was also the earth element. Besides the three superhumans, there was a young pair of regular husband and wife. Adding Shao Qing and her group, it would be a total of seven people.

Arriving at the a.s.sembling spot, the other people were already there. When the woman of the young couple saw Shao Qing, her face changed and she mumbled: “Coming out on an investigation and she still brings her child. This isn’t a vacation…. They really don’t want their lives!”

The husband at once pulled on his wife’s sleeve, smiling. “Da Ren please don’t mind. My wife’s words have always been a bit blunt…”

[Da Ren = term to call your superiors/ t.i.tle of respect]

Shao Qing shook her head. “At the base, I don’t have any acquaintances and because my darling is still small, I can’t be at ease to entrust him to anyone thus I brought him. But don’t worry, my baby is also a superhuman. Although he is limited in his senses, he is still somewhat useful. We definitely won’t drag you guys down.”

Right when they heard that Xiao Baozi, that little bean was also a superhuman, the pair of husband and wife’s complexion changed and they didn’t speak any longer.

Looking at them and acting rather pa.s.sionately, Gu Panpan waved her hands. “Hurry and get in the car, so we can head out. This journey will be at least another hour.”

Shao Qing brought Xiao Baozi and Yan Hanqing over to the car. Yan Hanqing was carrying a bag containing all the water and food Shao Qing brought and various equipment of some sort he had brought along.

Seven people split among two cars. Shao

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