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Volume 2 Chapter 30 Making the best after a mistake

At that moment, Shao Qing was completely oblivious. Only the impact brought by her back knocking against the bed made her wake up. As soon as she looked up, she saw Yan Hanqing’s red eyes and the teardrops that flowed down.

He was a tough guy, she always knew, thus Shao Qing has never seen Yan Hanqing crying. She reached out and wiped his eyes. The hot temperature pa.s.sed through her cold skin and Shao Qing’s heart trembled.

Yan Hanqing had his arms propped up and kept panting, his tense skin was shaking. He was trying to restrain himself, and Shao Qing could tell. At that moment, Shao Qing felt that she was disgusting.

While she was thinking she was a very conservative woman, she had been having relations.h.i.+ps with different men and even found different reasons for herself. If the sc.u.m man was because she was blind, Er Dai was because of an accident, then what about Yan Qiyue?

She could clearly bear it. Why is she eager for his dependence and eager for his temperature?

In fact, she was just giving herself an excuse to cover up her dirty and greedy heart.

It’s really sad.

So why let Yan Hanqing suffer? The temperature in Shao Qing’s eyes gradually faded. She silently reached out and unb.u.t.toned the first b.u.t.ton of Yan Hanqing’s collar. When her fingertip touched the hot skin, Yan Hanqing immediately trembled fiercely.

He bent his body, squatted, and grabbed his collar. His voice was hoa.r.s.e: “I’m sorry… I will go out first.”

Yan Hanqing tried to stand up, but his legs trembled and gave out. His knees fell to the ground,

The knee actually wasn’t fragile, but when it is given blunt trauma, it would be particularly painful. Even so, Yan Hanqing struggled up. Shakily standing up, before waiting for him to stand up straight, Shao Qing suddenly reached out and seized Yan Hanqing’s collar.

Yan Hanqing was stunned. Then he was brought down to the ground by Shao Qing. He had lost the ability to resist. Even if he wanted to break away from Shao Qing’s hands, he would only react more violently if he touched her.

What’s more, Yan Hanqing would not disobey Shao Qing. He simply allowed Shao Qing to press him to the ground. Shao Qing sat on his waist and pulled down on his collar. “Don’t move.”

Like an innocent boy, Yan Hanqing stayed still with his arms open allowing Shao Qing to unb.u.t.ton one s.h.i.+rt b.u.t.tons after another.

The process of unb.u.t.toning made Shao Qing a little annoyed. With one strong jerk, she tore apart Yan Hanqing’s s.h.i.+rt directly. The row of b.u.t.tons all clattered on to the ground, revealing his healthy gold coloured chest.

Yan Hanqing was stunned. His remaining consciousness was unable to comprehend Shao Qing’s thoughts. He can only try to restrain himself from moving and let Shao Qing do as she pleased.

Shao Qing quickly stripped him nude. Closing her eyes, she took the final step.

At that moment, she was unable to say if it was effortless or difficult, but something shattered in her heart.

In the middle of the night, Cai Yingying came over and knocked on the door. She was directly roared away by Yan Hanqing. Yan Hanqing was at the peak of that age and was also drugged. As a result it went on the entire night with no stop. When it did stop, the horizon was already faintly exposed.

Even with Shao Qing’s physique, when she got up, her legs were like jelly. She stood up against the wall and put on a coat. Then she said, “I’ll go take a bath first.”

Yan Hanqing nodded, not daring to look at Shao Qing. If it was Yan Qiyue, at this moment, he would definitely act like a snake and insist on was.h.i.+ng with Shao Qing. Yet he silently returned to his room.

When Shao Qing turned around, her expression was stiff. Last night, due to the urgent matters she had actually forgotten that Yan Qiyue was lying on the bed. Although she knew Yan Qiyue was thoroughly drunk a

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