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Volume 2 Chapter 23 Nan Yuan Bei Zhe*

Two people travelling for three days, only then did they leave the forest for the second time. At that time, Yan Qiyue could already do some simple movement. Running and jumping wasn’t a problem at all. However speed was still an issue, so Shao Qing continued to carry him.

Their speed was incredibly fast as they headed straight towards the exit. After running for about a day, Shao Qing was stunned. She could see a very familiar scene. It was the hole the bandits had dug as a trap, the place where their two cars had become sc.r.a.p!

Shao Qing was silent for a long time then she said: “We are Nan Yuan Bei Zhe*…..”

* acting in a way that defeats one’s purpose

If they continued forward then they will soon be at Yan Jiang!

They were going in the complete opposite direction of Lin Chuan survivor base!

Now placed in front of Shao Qing were two options. She could continue advancing forward to Jiang Bei survivor base to see if she could find Er Dai and when she returned she could even see if the rest were at S city survivor base.

The other option was returning back to Lin Chuan survivor base first to deal with Yan Qiyue’s matters then returning to S city survivor base and finally going to Jiang Bei survivor base to make a round.

Shao Qing didn’t know how to choose, so she flung the difficult problem to Yan Qiyue. Impressively, Yan Qiyue answered immediately: “We should first go to Jiang Bei survivor base. There’s no problems at Lin Chuan right now. As long as Qiao Mo doesn’t die, then there won’t be any chaos. We could return there at any time.”

Shao Qing let out a breath of air, then directly crossed the mountain pa.s.s. Going along the route they had travelled the previous time, when they arrived at the edge of the city, Shao Qing specially went to check out the place she had told Yan Hanqing and the rest to stay at. The people weren’t there, but the house was still orderly with no signs of battle.

They must have left safely. Shao Qing let out a sigh of relief, then carrying Yan Qiyue, she used her fastest speed to pa.s.s through the city and arrived at the riverbank.

The Yan river was very wide. Shao Qing wanted to fly past it, but that was impossible. She could only think of another method. After going along the river for a long time, did she see a boat.

The abandoned iron sheet of a boat was placed on the underbrush and was already beginning to rust. But it just happened to allow Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue to travel across the river. Just past the river would be Jiang Bei survivor base. Shao Qing let out a breath, feeling a bit nervous.

She really hoped that at Jiang Bei survivor base she would be able to see her teammates, but she was also scared that they wouldn’t be there and that her hope would lead to even greater disappointment.

Yan Qiyue could feel Shao Qings trembling shoulders, so he deliberately distracted her: “I haven’t brought any gifts, woul

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