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Volume 2 Chapter 8 Her Intuition

Not contrary to their expectation, everyone was quite surprised with this.

“Why do we have to suddenly return? Just because someone feels that it’s dangerous? Where is it not dangerous during the apocalypse? Is there such a route? We are better off speeding up our pace and pa.s.sing through the city. That would be the safer option.”

“That’s right! Just for some unfathomable mystery you want to withdraw and take a detour? We’ve already travelled for a day, if we withdraw now then won’t the parts we have just travelled been a waste?”

“I think so too. What place isn’t dangerous? I always feel that there are dangers nearby, but does that mean I should just quietly stay at the base and not go anywhere?”


Hearing the arguments, Shao Qing had the premonition that it would be like this. Thus she wasn’t really disappointed. Yan Pingsheng looked at Shao Qing helplessly.

Immediately someone muttered in a low voice: “I was wondering who suggested this, so it’s her…..wasn’t she super skilled in dealing with those on our side. Now she feels a bit of danger and wants to run away?”

After saying this, a lot of people started to secretly size up Shao Qing, afraid that she might start murdering people. Seeing that she didn’t have any of those intentions, their courage inflated and they couldn’t hold back.

“Right! Killing one of our own didn’t seem to affect her at all, but now she’s beginning to become terrified? If you want to take another route, do it yourself!”

Those resentful whispers became louder and louder. Shap Qing didn’t mind, she just quietly asked Yan Ruru: “First pa.s.s those women over to me. I’m going to take them away first. In case anything happens, with their physique, I’m afraid…..

Yan Ruru hesitated: “You’re still leaving?”

Shao Qing nodded her head and gave her an especially tender glance: “I don’t wish to see anything happen to my team. So, I can’t bring them to advance forward. I’m going to send them out of this city to a safe location to settle down first. Afterwards, I’ll catch up to you guys. Only after you pa.s.s through this city will I go back and lead them through a longer route to reach Jiang Bei Survivor base. After finding a place for those women to settle down, then I’ll return to S city.

Yan Pingsheng was the first to oppose. He had specially called Shao Qing using every method, for what? Wasn’t it to get the water purification methods from Shao Qing?

If Shao Qing were to leave, then won’t all their efforts be wasted?

Yan Pingsheng urged Shao Qing to stay but she determinedly answered: “I have to send them out. I don’t need the remunerations for this trip, I don’t need my portion. If you insist on giving the rewards give to me, I’ll just return them.”

Yan Pingsheng was quite frustrated now: “I don’t care about the remunerations or the crystals. If you really want to send them out, I won’t stop you.”

“En, I’ll come back.” Shao Qing and Yan Pinghseng exchanged their personal signals for their radio transmitter. “If there’s anything, contact me.”

The signal for the radio transmitter was developed during the apocalypse. It is very similar to a cell phone. The difference was that it didn’t run off batteries and instead it used crystals. It also had a range. Within any base there would be a signal. Only within the signal area would it be useful. Furthermore, it can only send out a short message script. It can’t receive any sounds.

After accounting for everything. Shao Qing bid Yan Ruru and them farewell. Bringing those women to leave, Gu Panpan and them didn’t ask anything. But seeing some of those people secretly snicker made them furious.

“What kind of people are they? Qing Jiejie, don’t even pay attention to them!” Gu Panpan resentfully looked towards them, anger in her tone.

“Okay. We need to hurry on the road. I remember that there was a bank near the edge of the city. The protective measures

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