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Xiao Baozi rushed over and hugged her. She caught Xiao Baozi and said, “Hurry up and eat, and I don’t need to eat, no need to wait for me. I will go up first.”

Then she handed Xiao Baozi over to Shao Tong. After all, Xiao Baozi still needed to eat. After Xiao Baozi was placed down, she went upstairs.

After going upstairs, Shao Qing still couldn’t help wanting to take another bath. Putting on her pajamas, she went to the balcony to start thinking about sending Fu Jingmo away.

Fu Jingmo said that Er Dai was Fu Jingshen which Shao Qing didn’t have much doubt over. Instead she had doubts over why Er Dai would be stranded and would have become a zombie. How much content did Fu Jingmo leave out?

If Shao Qing had been able to tolerate Fu Jingmo like before, at least she could tolerate him until the memories of Er Dai awakens. However, now, she doesn’t want to keep him for more than a minute.

Even though taking care of Fu Jingmo was just one more mouth to feed, and even if she could feed a dozen more mouths, as soon as she recalled what happened today, Shao Qing was disgusted. She was already being nice by not killing him.

Shao Qing’s idea was to find a more stable base and leave Fu Jingmo behind. She would leave enough crystals to live his life. Once Er Dai recalls everything, when he wanted to see Fu Jingmo, she could just come back. Furthermore, she didn’t have to continuously see him. It was the best of both worlds.

Shao Qing thought for a long time, until the sound of the door opening broke her focus. Shao Qing just remembered, she had changed the sheets and bedding, but forgot to repair the door. Now the door was full of cracks like a spider web. Any person who can see would know that something happened.

What came in was Er Dai. He quietly walked behind Shao Qing and then hugged Shao Qing’s waist. Shao Qing couldn’t help but stiffen and almost pushed Er Dai out.

Er Da was still agitated because of her movements and felt wronged. A pair of big eyes looked at Shao Qing wetly.

Shao Qing touched his head, sighed, “Go take a shower first. I have just taken a shower. You have stayed outside for so long. If you are dirty, then hug me I would have taken that bath for nothing. “

Being sent away, Er Dai’s hair drooped down too. He took a look at his soft white hands, then finally made his way to take a bath.

As soon as Er Dai went to the bathroom, it was as if Yan Qiyue and him had made an arrangement. He followed immediately after. As soon as he got to the balcony, he saw Shao Qing standing barefoot. He couldn’t help squatting down and holding Shao Qing’s leg.

“Even if you don’t get sick, be careful. Ssss… cold…” Yan Qiyue grinned.

Shao Qing, feeling agitated and uncomfortable, kicked Yan Qiyue: “Get up, what are you squatting for?”

“To look at you.” Yan Qiyue rubbed Shao Qing’s toes. Her cold toes were icy and smooth. Being ma.s.saged for so long, it brought up the temperature.

Shao Qing pulled back her feet, she felt an uneasiness in her heart. Always recalling Fu Jingmo’s, the originally ambiguous atmosphere cooled down.

Yan Qiyue moved forward and held Shao Qing, “What happened? I can tell you are in a bad mood. As well as the door, did you encounter an attack?”

Shao Qing shook her head. What happened today was something difficult to tell, especially Yan Qiyue’s current status as her suitor. This made it even harder to bring up.

She laid on the railing, “Once I find the evidence and sort this situation out, let’s go to Jing Du and send Fu Jingmo away. Then we’ll speak when Er Dai remembers his memories.”

Even though Yan Qiyue didn’t know what happened, he was very supportive of sending Fu Jingmo away. It would be the best if Shao Qing only had him as the only man beside her.

“I think it’s okay, but … did he do something to make you angry?” Yan Qiyue probed.

Shao Qing’s face was a bit ugly at once. What Fu Jingmo did made her sick.

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