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Volume 2 Chapter 17 Part 2

Everyone took out their gas masks that they had prepared beforehand and placed it on their face. Drilling their way through the Qiu Tang, the journey was safe as they reached the small lantern.

The superhumans were prepared to take out their knives to begin cutting the small lantern. The stem looked very slender, but it was actually very durable. When they tried to chop down on it, it wouldn’t break. There was even even a whisker like vine that had curled up from the ground and stabbed towards the superhuman.

Being p.r.i.c.ked, the man fell to the ground twitching. Luckily he wasn’t poisoned but paralyzed. If they had done this without getting rid of the hornets, they might have been stung to death by those hornets in this state.

But, there was no such danger now. In fact, learning from their past mistake, everyone was completely prepared and no one was stabbed again.

Quite easily, they harvested a lot of small lanterns. Having the time, Shao Qing carefully observed the small lantern. The small lantern looked to be pink with a white outer layer. Within the thin layer of the peel was liquid and it was the liquid that had shone.

s.h.i.+ning like gems, it looked especially beautiful. However, all the people who approached saw that the Chinese Enkianthus could see the roots penetrating the later of skeletons. So seeing the glistening light only caused their bones to shudder.

After harvesting the Chinese Enkianthus, Qiao Mo accompanied Shao Qing to subdue a Qiu Tang. Qiao Mo also used his ability for the first time. Qiao Mo was a regular water elemental. The ability he could use was also regular. Forming a layer of water film, he used it to separate the biggest Qiu Tang from the rest of the Qiu Tangs. There were even specks of blue radiance that flew out from the Qiu Tang that fell in the water film.

Yet, this simple technique being controlled by Qiao Mo had reached perfection. When he made a move, Shao Qing couldn’t even sense the undulations from his superpowers.

This point was particularly rare. At least, Shao Qing hadn’t reached this step.

Being cut, the Qiu Tang wanted to resist. Shao Qing extended her hand causing her wood elemental energy to continuously surge forth. Afterwards the Qiu Tang was completely wrapped up. After being wrapped up, one could see the deep green leaf of the Qiu Tang and the even darker stem and the red fruit to all be engulfed and a.s.similated into the same thing, changing into an emerald green. Finally with a bang, it shattered, accompanied with the power rus.h.i.+ng back into Shao Qing’s body.

Out of all the possible styles to subdue something, that was the most tyrannical method. An average wood elemental user wouldn’t choose to use that method. That was because if you weren’t able to completely suppress the vegetation, then it would counter your strike. If you’re unlucky, you might even lose your life.

Daring to use this form of submission, besides being picky about the strength they would also have to be gutsy. Anyone lacking courage wouldn’t dare try.

Stretching out her body, she could feel that her injuries had healed by another portion. Taking in a deep breath, she faced Qiao Mo and said: “Thank you.”

This time Qiao Mo’s smile was a lot more sincere: “This is me making amends. No need to thank me.”

Before he had only looked at Shao Qing as being important because of Yan Qiyue. But now, he could see Shao Qing’s worth.

His intuition told him, Shao Qing definitely wasn’t lower than a rank 4. A rank four wood elemental user, the value didn’t even require explaining.

Now that Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue were a pair, that also meant that Shao Qing was already part of their base. It seems that he would have to treat Shao Qing a bit better, just in case Yan Qiyue isn’t able to tie her down.

“The things that should have been seized, have been received. Let’s harvest some of the fruits of the Qiu Tang then

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