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Chapter 36 Full moon?

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing? I saw her first!” The Mediterranean man took a step forward but when he saw that behind Shao Qing were several people he became slightly terrified. Merely his pervertedness had pushed aside everything else, straining his neck he yelled. “What are you doing, aren’t you planning to talk reasonably?”

Shao Qing didn’t even look at him. She only turned her glance towards the stall owner. “Thirty Jins, the girl belongs to me.”

The stall owner giggled happily. “What’s the point of a girl buying another girl back? What’s the point?”

Shao Qing’s eyes were extremely cold. “Do you need me to repeat twice?”

The stall owner swallowed down his saliva. He had also seen a lot of strong superhumans and had also seen the higher cla.s.s superiors of the base. But, he had never seen someone like Shao Qing. With just one glance, she was able to cause the cracks within his bones to feel so cold.

The stall owner had a premonition that if he dared to say anymore nonsense, the ice like woman would really dare kill him.

“No…. no need, thirty jin it is!”

“Wait, I was negotiating the price with you first!” The Mediterranean man anxiously spoke. He was fond of little girls, the younger and more tender they were, the more excited he became. Before the apocalypse, although he enjoyed that type, he was hindered by the laws of the country so he could only secretly immerse himself in his fantasies, not daring to do anything. At max, when he would hire a prost.i.tute he would choose ones that haven’t fully grown into adulthood.

Since the apocalypse, law has become a pile of rubbish. Especially now that he had become a superhuman, the things that he was afraid of doing before, he was now capable of doing it until he was fully satisfied. This simply made his body to be br.i.m.m.i.n.g with excitement.

His favourite thing was to buy or force little girls that met his standards to satisfy his secret cravings.

This girl was an absolute delicacy. She completely met his standards. Telling him to give up on her was basically like telling him to cut off a part of his flesh.

Since they had come out for the purpose of exchanging material, they had brought quite a bit of things including provisions. Taking out some provisions, Shao Qing handed it over to the stall owner and pulled on the girls hand. “Business settled.”

“You stand right there! I took a fancy to her first!” The Mediterranean man was urgent and angry; urgent to interfere with Shao Qing taking the girl away and mad because Shao Qing had ignored him the entire time.

Shao Qing didn’t say a word, the one who made a move was Gu Panpan. In a split second, she utilized her power converting herself into a golden barbie. Shao Qing could clearly see that Gu Panpan’s clothes were about to burst open through the sudden swelling.

The outline of her muscles taut underneath her clothes could be clearly seen. This was simply… too monstrous causing others to be speechless.

With a single clenched fist, Gu Panpan smashed towards the completely unprotected Mediterranean man’s head directly causing him to fall backwards. Blood was rus.h.i.+ng down from his nose, afterwards Gu Panpan grabbed him by his leg and threw him.

Just when the Mediterranean man was about to faint, Gu Panpan stretched out her neck and reverted back to her original form. “NND, earlier I had already wanted to make a move. Don’t play around!”

[NND = cursing similar to yelling out ‘your grandmother’, etc.]

“Let’s go.” Shao Qing pulled the little girl along. With her pinky finger unseen, she shot out a tiny bullet like seed into the Mediterranean man’s body. Gu Chuan who was also about to make a move,relaxed and retracted his hand after seeing Shao Qing’s movements.

This time’s feud had ended, but there is a phrase that is super fitting. If you rid the gra.s.s but not the roots, once the spring wind blows it will grow again

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