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marybethgriggs > The End Of The World\'s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby > Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Corpse transformation

“A Qing, are you really pregnant with his child?” Mu Lin stared at Shao Qing in astonishment. She and Shao Qing had grown up together, n.o.body knew Shao Qing’s character as well as she did.

Shao Qing and her were abandoned when they were young. Although they were adopted into an orphanage, the majority of the people there were not as good as what people believed. On the contrary, that place was completely dark and evil. The old women there who took care of the children would often beat or scold them. Not being fed enough was also a common matter, not to mention the struggles between the children.

Shao Qing hated the people that abandoned her. As a result, she wouldn’t lightly consider having a child of her own. She was scared that she would be unable to support such a precious being, a newborn.

Further still, people like Shao Qing and her, how could they love a man? Even more to love them enough that they are willing to give birth to a child for them?

“En.” Shao Qing gently caressed her bulging belly. Her eyes displayed a tenderness that would have been able to melt an iceberg. She had never antic.i.p.ated that she would ever have a blood related child of her own, such a blessing.

Everyday she would pray a countless number of times for an early birth for this child. Afterwards she would imagine their family of three, all the happiness they would have.

Mu Lin stirred the coffee within the gla.s.s, then filled her cup to the brim. After quite a while, in a low voice she spoke. “A Qing, you need to know that being in this line of work, how could one just quit whenever they want?”

“I’ve done enough things for them, if they agree to let me withdraw from the organization, that would be the best and everybody will be delighted and satisfied. Besides… Xiao Lin, do you really think I am the type that wouldn’t prepare anything and I would just decide to do something randomly?” Shao Qing’s voice sounded slightly cold. She had once served military service before. Because of her particularly outstanding memory in addition to her five sense being acute and physical attributes being of top quality, she was transferred to the special military brigade. However, she eventually retired due to injuries.

Shao Qing’s educational background isn’t regarded as high, not anything special. After her discharge from the military service, she did not change her profession. Just by chance at that time, Mu Lin on account of being a super capable hacker was recruited to join that organization, thus dragged Shao Qing into it as well.

Money laundering, deals with weapons and ammunition, Shao Qing’s contributions towards the organization was definitely not little. The only sole concern is that the organization doesn’t want to let her go since she was such a talented subordinate.

“A Qing, you need to be careful.” Mu Lin bit her lips. “I’m going back to the headquarters right now. I’ll try to contact the

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