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Volume 2 Chapter 29 Coincidentally arrived at the extreme point

Even though it hurt sorely, it was like a man trying to pick up a girl at the bar. At that moment no matter how much they spent they still had to keep up their composure while for women chasing men, it wasn’t that far off.

The thing that made Cai Yingying want to vomit blood is that after the dishes arrived, Yan Qiyue took one bite, then turned in dislike: “It can’t even compare to Ah Qing’s. The difference is like heaven and h.e.l.l.”

At that time Cai Yingying wanted to start crying. If she had to spend money to get some respect then that’s fine, after all she liked Yan Qiyue. However, she has spent the money but the only thing she got in return was a roll of the eyes. Her not vomiting blood out already showed how strong she was.

Shao Qing couldn’t just stand there idly and poked Yan Qiyue. After all, they still have to borrow the power of Cai Yingying to find the whereabouts of Er Dai.

Yan Qiyue licked his red lips. Opening the wine, he poured a cup for himself. Shao Qing wasn’t a fan of drinking. Drinking made keeping feelings under control hard and left her feeling insecure.

Yan Hanqing and Gu Chuan also didn’t drink. However, Gu Panpan, who pointed out that she had never drank such a luxurious drink before, was adamant on trying it out. Pouring a cup, the rest was left for Cai Yingying and Liu Yusen to drink.

Yan Qiyue took one drink. After finis.h.i.+ng drinking, he didn’t speak. He simply took his chopsticks and looked at Shao Qing, his eyes and expressions were very serious.

Being watched, Shao Qing didn’t feel like eating any more. She silently clipped a piece of meat, removed the chili peppers, and handed it to Xiao Baozi.

When Xiao Baozi was about finished, she didn’t have any intentions of ​​eating. She just waited for the rest to get enough then got up and left.

When Yan Qiyue stood up, she felt something was off. This was because Yan Qiyue was walking straight, but looked very stiff from the back. Then in a second, he almost ran into the door frame.

It was only under Shao Qing’s watch and pull was he able to avoid running his beautiful face into the frame. Being held by Shao Qing, Yan Qiyue looked back at Shao Qing. His expression was still very serious and calm. Shao Qing felt that his eyes seemed a bit dazed.

Setting his eyes on Shao Qing, after a long time, his eyes lit up then Yan Qiyue rushed to Shao Qing under the broad daylight. With light awkward panting, he spoke in a tone as if he was dumped by some sc.u.m: “I love you so much, but why don’t you love me? Tell me why I’m not good enough. Am I not cute? Tell me what to change… Tell me, you have touched my whole body several times. You can definitely say it…”

Shao Qing was completely stunned at the time. She pinched Yan Qiyue’s chin and carefully looked at him. Then she discovered that Yan Qiyue was indeed drunk.

His pupils were slack and his eyes couldn’t focus. Although he looked very serious on the outside, it was only because he had a blank face.

At this moment, Shao Qing felt that the gaze from the people around her weren’t looking right. The hot eyes stabbing her body had a kind of heat that wanted to explore this gossip causing her to feel very uncomfortable.

When Shao Qing held Yan Qiyue, he even arched into her body. Trying to seduce her, he whispered: “I like you this much, I even gave my most precious first time to you. You have to take responsibility. How can you like the new and hate the old? Look at me, tell me where I don’t look good….”

Shao Qing gave him a gentle slap on his face, then she turned towards the group: “He’s drunk. Let’s stop here for today. Is there any place we can stay nearby?”

Cai Yingying, who had a distorted face from jealousy, immediately smiled and said: “Why are you looking for a place to stay? Just stay at my home. We’re friends, you don’t have to be modest.”

Shao Qing slightly

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