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Chapter 67 Penetrating through the mission grounds

Lin Xiaofeng felt that Shao Qing had already accommodated to them enough. Waiting for them for so long, offering them food and bandages, no matter the reason, they have already given them a lot of face.

If they were to still put up a front and to continue to exhibit such looks, then the hatred will really be formed.

Therefore Lin Xiaofeng immediately replied: “Actually these are all small wounds. But for safety purposes, we should rest for just a little bit then we can go in and investigate.”

Shao Qing nodded her head: “Our side have already set up the tents, you guys can rest up for a bit then once you guys have recovered enough we can all go investigate.”

Lin Xiaofeng definitely felt sorry. Hurriedly he ordered his team members to set up the tents. Yet those members were all procrastinating, they were all probably thinking that there’s already tents set up, why couldn’t they just sleep there. Why do they still have to set up their own? What a ha.s.sle.

Bringing some people over, Shao Qing helped them set up their tents. Afterwards, they each went their own way to rest up. Over on their side, they were certainly resting up while Shao Qing’s side were all energetic and was just lying on their side chatting.

Shao Qing calmly spoke to each person especially the weaker Shao Tong: “During the critical moment, do not use your feelings to think, just rush behind them and use them as coverage. If there isn’t any danger then that’s fine. But, if there ever is a problem, I hope that each and every one of us can make it out of the city. As for them, you don’t need to save them or care for them.”

No one thought that Shao Qing was unfeeling. Isn’t the apocalypse supposed to be like this? Having a group of morally standing people, would it be even certain that they would support each other at desperate times like this? This kind of act, if you wanted to die there then you can die there, who cares.

Each and every single member expressed that they will remember her words.

By the time it was midday, both sides have rested quite a bit. Yan Hanqing made a lot of food that was easy to carry around and handed it out. Afterall during their time within the city hall, they definitely won’t have time to make food.

“It’s nearly time, let’s go in.” Lin Xiaofeng looked at the tall building and spoke. With this it was time to enter. If there was no problems then they should be out by midnight.

If they do encounter any sort of obstacle, then they could find an empty room to rest with someone on night vigil.

Both sides were discussing. This time the ones who were in charge of opening up a path was Shao Qing and them. Originally, Lin Xiaofeng intended for them to open up a path, after all the ones to open the path would be facing more pressure. Since they owed Shao Qing’s side quite a bit, it only made sense for them to take on that responsibility.

However his team memb

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