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Volume 2 Chapter 12.2 Living with the mental case

It was after that Yan Qiyue became even more antisocial and eccentric. After a long time, Yan Qiyue grew up and became a ‘successful figure’ and became a well known professor. But it was then that he realized he had lost an ordinary man’s ability.

It was only under pain and stimulation would his thing stand up.

However, he didn’t trust anyone. He would never allow his body to be in control by another. After all if his cravings got revealed, this would become a scandal.

Since encountering Shao Qing, he has been indulging in his wildest fantasies. Perhaps he could cultivate the perfect partner. One that would be identical to a normal person, but wouldn’t betray him. Someone who wouldn’t judge him because of his special interest and would mutually rely on one another for life.

When Shao Qing awoke, it was already midday. Her body has recovered by another good portion. This discovery gave her a pleasant surprise. However this wasn’t the time to be happy. Taking out a few crystals from her s.p.a.ce dimension, she absorbed them as an afternoon meal and then got up.

At first Shao Qing thought that Yan Qiyue ought to be in the laboratory. Yet when she was walking by, she heard some strange sounds within the bathroom. It sounded painful yet joyous.

Shao Qing’s first thought was that Yan Qiyue had fallen ill again. He didn’t look like the type who would know how to cook. Reckoning he was eating cold food again, she thought that he might have had a relapse.

Hence, Shao Qing immediately went to the bathroom and pushed open the door. When the door opened……

She saw that Yan Qiyue was absolutely naked kneeling on the ground. Within his hand was a needle and he was stabbing it continuously into his thigh. This was how that painful yet joyous sound was made.

She felt like she had needles stabbed into her eyes. This was all Yan Qiyue’s fault. Why didn’t he lock the door when he was bathing!

She didn’t deliberately look!

Turning his head, Yan Qiyue noticed Shao Qing but didn’t have any intention on moderating himself. Instead he raised his eyebrows and using the wall for support he stood up. His back was very straight and his waist was smaller than the average man by a little. His b.u.t.t was plump and adding on his two fair long legs, in brief, looking at him from the back was very seductive.

After standing up, Yan Qiyue turned around and looked at Shao Qing directly. In fact he walked straight towards her. Shao Qing’s face darkened and shut the door with a bang. Now after his perverted t.i.tle, she’s added another one behind it; exhibitionist.

This exhibitionist also had the tendency to abuse himself. If pervertedness also had a rank like superhumans, then Yan Qiyue would be ranked 9.

After a while, Yan Qiyue came out with a towel wrapped around him. When he came out, Shao Qing was standing at the door pondering something. Coming from behind her, Yan Qi

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