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Chapter 66 Fusion

Team Gale was in a completely sorry state. Even Lin Xiaofeng’s arm was bounded with gauze. From within the car, Gu Papan poked her head out and whistled: “We’ve already waited for an entire night, now you guys arrive. If you guys arrived any later, we would’ve already entered to take a look.”

Everyone on Team Gale’s expressions became ugly. All of them had looked down on Shao Qing’s members. But now Shao Qing and them didn’t have even have a single casualty, they had arrived at the city hall first with no one injured; a total defeat!

Seeing Gu Panpan click her tongue and sigh, their faces all became dark.

Coming out of the car, Shao Qing carried a small smile: “After travelling for so long you guys must be tired. Do you guys want to rest before going in?”

Just when Lin Xiaofeng was about to reply another member spoke: “We don’t need rest! Rus.h.i.+ng into such a small place, why do we need to rest?”

Lin Xiaofeng’s face had become so dark it was s.h.i.+ning. His forehead had a vein jumping out and he yelled out in rage: “Are you the captain or am I the captain? Do you make decisions for this team or do I?”

That member had nothing to say, lowering his head. Lin Xiaofeng took in a deep breath, feeling a bit awkward and said: “It would be better for us to rest a bit. But when we were on the road, the food that we brought…”

Shao Qing lightly laughed: “We brought quite a bit of food. If you don’t mind, we can all eat together.”

When Team Gale was on the run before, they had thrown away all their food. Now that their team members were injured, they didn’t dare go to the ma.s.sive shopping malls to find food, while the road side supermarkets during the initial onset of the apocalypse have all been raided. Thus they have been starving the entire day.

Even if they disliked Shao Qing and the rest, this time they could only keep their mouths shut because they couldn’t do without food.

Turning back to Yan Hanqing, she told him to make some dishes. At that time Gu Panpan couldn’t help but pull on Shao Qing and quietly whisper: “Don’t you remember how they treated us and you’re still giving them food? Qing Jiejie, you can’t be that good of a person! They definitely won’t be grateful to us!”

Shao Qing smiled slightly: “Do I look like the type of person who likes helping people?”

“Then why….” Gu PanPan asked.

“A criminal on death row can still eat a meal before they are killed, let alone we need them as cannon fodder. If they don’t eat then they won’t have strength. How can they be a decent cannon fodder? Ok, anyways don’t think too much. Go help Yan Hanqing with dinner.”

Suddenly seeing the light, Gu Panpan eagerly ran over to help Yan Hanqing. There was leftover rice that Yan Hanqing had made previously. But at most there was only two servings, definitely not enough. So he heated up some steamed buns and dried meat and cooked up two simple dishes.

Once the dishes arrived, Team G

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