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marybethgriggs > The End Of The World\'s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby > Chapter 46
Chapter 46 Revealed Ident.i.ties

Er Dai really resembled a wolf forced to be at a dead end. His nails were dug into the monsters nape, while he continuously used his forehead to smash into the monsters face. The monster attempted to extract his hand from Er Dai’s stomach, but Er Dai had grabbed onto his arm so it wouldn’t escape.

But, the monster’s strength was just too great. Er Dai just simply couldn’t resist. After easily being stabbed through the abdomen, he was effortlessly held by the top of his head.

Shao Qing was able to hear the sound from Er Dai’s nails and the monsters bones grind up against each other. Afterwards, Er Dai’s body was just tossed aside.

Even though his abdomen had a ma.s.sive hole, even though his body was about to fall apart, Er Dai continued to drag his broken body to risk his life and crawl towards Shao Qing.

Er Dai didn’t know at what time he gained a mind. He only knew that one day he suddenly woke up. Only after did he confusedly discover that he was somewhat different.

Following his companions around to kill and hunt down humans, it was then that he had met Shao Qing.

His intuition told him that Shao Qing was his companion. But, Shao Qing was different than the other companions he had by his side. From her appearance she looked completely different than the rotting ugly zombies, thus he couldn’t resist following her.

This was when he was caught by Shao Qing… originally Er Dai had prepared for the possibility that he would be eaten by Shao Qing; after all between zombies, targeting each other’s crystals was something very common.

However, Shao Qing didn’t do that. She gave him food, crystals, and even a name. It made him recover something that he felt that he had lost.

At that moment, Er Dai only felt that Shao Qing was very pretty and he wanted to follow her forever, and always protect her.

Therefore, even if he died once again, it wouldn’t matter.

As long as she was ok then it would be fine.

Shao Qing watched Er Dai crawl little by little and then looked at the indestructible monster. Slowly she retrieved two crystals from her dimensional s.p.a.ce. One was an electric elemental crystal while the other was an earth elemental crystal, they were the ones she had not used yet.

Absorbing the two crystals energy, in a second her body would be bursting with energy. This was her opportunity. Even though afterwards she might die or become crippled, Shao Qing had no other choice but to do this.

From the time she had entered the army, her military instructor had asked her why she had chosen to be part of the special forces. Shao Qing had replied that she wanted to protect people.

Now, just as before she still wanted to protect people. It’s just now the people she wanted to protect has now become Xiao Baozi and Er Dai.

But before Shao Qing could even utilize the two crystals, a person had already s.n.a.t.c.hed away a crystal from her hand and swallowed it

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