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. Why did it fail this time?

Before waiting for Er Dai to understand, Yan Qiyue secretly came over. As soon as he came over, he saw the cage hanging at the door and the zombie in the cage. He immediately adjusted his expression and rushed in with anxiety.

Although he knew that with Shao Qing’s strength, she will definitely not be injured, but … Yan Qiyue rushed in. Once he pinpointed the position, he was prepared to plunge into Shao Qing’s arms to express his worry and fear. Of course he can also take this as a pretext to check for injuries and eat some tofu.

When he hadn’t even plunged into Shao Qing’s arms, he was slapped on the ground with a palm.

Yan Qiyue: …

Not preparing to indulge them, Shao Qing pulled open the quilt: “Sleep!”

Even if they had more thoughts, they could only sleep honestly. The next morning after Shao Qing got up, she went out to brush her teeth and wash her face. On the way, she also took a turnip and fed it to Yaya as a reward. After all, it did a good job last night.

After was.h.i.+ng, it was time to deal with this zombie. If it didn’t come to attack in the middle of the night and tried to be detrimental to Xiao Baozi, Shao Qing wouldn’t mind it running away. But it actually came to attack Xiao Baozi? That was stepping on Shao Qing’s bottom line.

Shao Qing studied it carefully. It was only a rank 3 zombie, but some mutations have occurred. Therefore, in terms of IQ, it was higher than the average zombie. After researching, Shao Qing cut out it’s crystal.

Yan Qiyue also dissected the corpse of the zombie and prepared to study it. It became smarter for some reason.

Yan Qiyue started cutting it into pieces. Because he started dissecting this zombie while everyone else was eating breakfast the smell of blood and rancidity filled the air. There were even internal organs, especially the intestines, that were squirting out. The smell was sour to the max.

Gu Panpan took the lead and put down her bowl of porridge.

In fact, this wasn’t Yan Qiyue’s fault. All researchers were like this. Once they were curious, no matter where they were they would not care, so it wasn’t wrong that he wanted to dissect it.

After packing up the zombie, Shao Qing’s heart couldn’t help thinking there was a very bad phenomenon. It seemed that zombies had an unusual attraction towards Xiao Baozi.

This attraction was like a foodie seeing food or a money addict seeing gold, it was even more intense.

Not mentioning others, just this zombie that led the sneak attack had higher wisdom than ordinary zombies. When they first met, it found out Shao Qing’s strength was higher than it and it was outnumbered so it fled immediately.

But in the middle of the night, it still couldn’t resist its desire. Sneaking back, its target was Xiao Baozi.

This had proved the attractiveness of Xiao Baozi to zombies.

Shao Qing specifically asked Er Dai since Er Dai was closer to the existence of normal zombies. Er Dai was able to accurately tell Shao Qing that when he first saw Xiao Baozi, he also had an impulse. It told him if he devoured the flesh and blood of Xiao Baozi, it would bring him a lot of power.

And with the increase in the ranking of Xiao Baozi, this temptation will only increase.

However, Er Dai had a mind. The biggest difference between humans and beasts is that human beings can overcome their desires with reason and beasts succ.u.mb to desires.

Er Dai can restrain his impulse, but ordinary zombies cannot. This is why some zombies come at Xiao Baozi.

Shao Qing couldn’t help but worry. Xiao Baozi has become a hot commodity in the eyes of zombies and he didn’t have much self-protection ability. If he accidentally got separated, it would be too dangerous.

Xiao Baozi also has special abilities that are similar to superhumans. His abilities were similar to engulfing. There were many things that can be swallowed, the ability of superhumans and the vitality of a

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