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Volume 2 Chapter 37 Er Dai’s Mood

Originally, Shao Qing thought that the zombie pretending to be a pregnant woman would not appear again. Unexpectedly that night, while Shao Qing was sleeping, the curtain opened.

In the past few days, the two men went to their respective tents to sleep. In the middle of the night, they would both come to Shao Qing’s tent silently. One left, one right, she was like a burger patty being squeezed.

It was different tonight. As soon as the curtain opened, there was a faint b.l.o.o.d.y smell mixed with rancidity. Shao Qing originally thought it was Er Dai and Yan Qiyue and was too lazy to open her eyes. But when she smelled the air, Shao Qing knew it couldn’t be those two people!

This smell of rancid blood often appeared on zombies. Shao Qing opened her eyes immediately. Vines were already drilling from out of the ground.

The sneaky zombie also did not want to face Shao Qing directly. It lowered her head and rolled forward, avoiding the vines. Then it reached out to grab Xiao Baozi.

Coincidentally, Yaya was lying on the belly of Xiao Baozi to sleep. As soon as sounds erupted, he opened his eyes dimly and bit down reflexively.

E/N Go yaya

The skin of the zombies was stiff and decaying and the taste must have been very bad. After biting down he started spitting on Xiao Baozi’s stomach.

This was probably the most unpalatable thing it has ever tasted in its life. With Yaya’s bite, it had exposed the zombie’s real target. The reason for its sneak attack tonight turned out to be Xiao Baozi.

Shao Qing said nothing. First, she threw out a lantern flower, which she took when she was in the jungle. Because the color and shape were unique and it was able to emit light at night, she kept it.

As soon as the lantern flower was thrown out, it hung on the top of the tent. The pink light illuminated the whole tent.

The zombie was exposed. It was wearing a pink skirt and the neckline had been worn out revealing the exposed breast that was simply a ma.s.s of rotten meat. E/N Ew gross

This zombie allowed Shao Qing to recognize it. Wasn’t this familiar zombie the one from earlier today?

This zombie was very daring. She came for a visit in the middle of the day and now dared to come to attack in the middle of the night.

Shao Qing was not ready to let it go again this time. She pinched her five fingers together and vines emerged immediately forming a cage-like structure attempting to trap the zombie inside.

But this zombie was very clever. As soon as she saw Shao Qing’s shot, she didn’t even have the slightest intention to resist. It turned around and ran. Unfortunately, when she turned around, she encountered Er Dai who was also on his way for a ‘night attack’.

E/N lol

Er Dai was startled, and he reflexively whipped out a claw, which smacked her back into the tent. This just happened to cause her to be caught by the formed cage.

The zombie was kept in a cage and was restless. She tried using her nails and teeth to break the vines, but Shao Qing’s vines were tougher than what she expected. Her nails were almost broken. Even the sharp thorns didn’t fall off.

Shao Qing hung the cage with vines at the mouth of the tent. After all, the rustling sound that the zombie kept making would affect Xiao Baozi’s sleep.

After everything was done, Shao Qing broke the silence and opened the covers to Er Dai:

“What are you going to do outside? Go to sleep.”

Er Dai went into the bed without saying a word. He was particularly happy holding onto the waist of Shao Qing. Originally he had tried to rub against Shao Qing’s chest. Before when he did this to eat Shao Qing tofu* he would just blink and take an innocent posture.

* take advantage of her

However, this time, he was slapped into the bed by Shao Qing. Shao Qing’s slap strength was not small. His face was slumped, his nose was a little bit sour. Obviously, this trick was used in the past.

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