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Chapter 77 The First Meeting

The first day back from the base was the most busiest. Splitting up the rewards had already taken such a long time, but Lin Xiaofeng had also sent over a lot of provisions and zombie crystals. All of the the other items didn’t even have to be mentioned.

Since Lin Xiaofeng and Cheng Jiao both had serious injuries they had no other choice but send over other people to deliver a message that they owed Shao Qing a favour. If there was anything they needed and they had the ability to do it, they would definitely not reject their request.

When they were dividing up the items, Gu Panpan was a bit not understanding: “Qing Jiejie, at that time why did you save him? Everytime I see their squad I feel p.i.s.sed off!”

“Panpan, when you do anything you always have to look at the long term.” Shao qing patted Gu Panpan’s head: “If Team Gale had all died back there, when we return to the base, then our small squad would really stand out, popping up to the heavens one. After that then there would be zero superhuman squads who would be willing to join us. They would think how did a rank 1 superhuman squad come back with no injuries while an entire rank 3 squad was eliminated. What could the rank 1 squad have done to come back?”

“We have the ability!” Gu Panpan still didn’t understand.

“They don’t know that.” Shao Qing lightly smiled: “They would think that we stepped on Lin Xiaofeng’s team to get back here. Afterwards they would naturally put up a guard against us. Of course, the most important point is that Lin Xiaofeng is the captain of a rank 3 squad, so he definitely must be quite wealthy. Look, if he died how could we have gotten all these goods. Now that he is alive, look how much more we obtained!”

Gu Panpan’s eyes lit up and nodded: “I understand now Qing Jiejie.”

“Go put away those items, then come over to my place for dinner tonight.” Shao Qing patted Gu Panpan then prepared to go out and search for some fresh fruits and vegetables to exchange, to add to the meal for Gu Panpan and the rest.

After all since running around this entire time, everything they ate was not fresh, so she ought to reward everyone’s stomach tonight.

The price of fruits and vegetables grown in the base were rather expensive, but they were all fresh and the taste was not bad. Now that Shao Qing and the rest were all wealthy people, naturally they would not pay attention to spending some crystals.

But before going to buy fresh produce, Shao Qing was preparing to go look at the market first to find a good knife, something especially sharp for Shao Tong to keep for self protection.

This way when they go out again, Shao Qing could be a bit more relaxed.

Walking around the entire market once, Shao Qing wasn’t able to find a satisfying military knife. Settling for second best, she ended up buying a knife that wasn’t too shabby. It was dainty and delicate, but once she polished it when she got back it should

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