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Chapter 54 To come to an end of a phase

When the two shadows had appeared, it was coincided with the moment Yan Hanqing was going to take over being lookout. This meant that all three were wide awake and had seen the strange shadows appear. The three immediately became alert.

Shao Qing didn’t say a word. Making a hand gesture, Er Dai and Yan Hanqing immediately understood, one went to the left while the other went to the right to flank them.

Shao Qing quietly sneaked closer. Afterwards she was able to hear the two speaking.

It was a woman’s voice: “In any case they have all left already. Why do we still have to come in the middle of the night? I feel a bit scared, how about we change it to tomorrow…?”

Immediately a man’s voice could be heard: “Do you think we’re doing something that can be publicly seen? Coming during the day time, peh. Dig quicker and don’t waste time.”

“Who are you trying to teach? Whatever, don’t say anything. I feel that the silence of tonight is rather frightening…” The woman lowered her voice: “That troublesome b*tch, seducing the village chief and swallowing all that money. Not even a portion went into our hands. Now we’re going to tear her skin and gnaw on her bone, this is all just retribution!”

The man laughed: “Stop saying bullsh*t. Just quickly dig. I haven’t had meat in a long time and the cemetery on the other side has been all dug out. We still have to think about what we’ll do in the future.”

“That turtley turtle sh*t. When he was leaving he wouldn’t even leave behind anything for us to eat. Seeing him like this, I’m eighty percent sure he’s become that woman’s gigolo. Did you see how well he listened to those b*tches. What a loose woman, she even had a son…” As the woman’s voice rang out, Yan Hanqing couldn’t hold back anymore. With angry eyes he stared at that man and woman as if they were dead.

The two of them were frightened, raising the spade in their arms up defensively. Realizing that it was Yan Hanqing, they started to feel less confident.

“Ne…nephew. Didn’t you leave?” The woman stammered.

Yan Hanqing gave them an ice-cold glance and coldly said: “If I actually did leave, I’m afraid that even my mother’s corpse would’ve been defiled by you people with hearts of wolves and lungs of dogs*!”

* cruel and unscrupulous

Since Yan Hanqing had been born, he had scarcely used any profanity. But, this time he really couldn’t hold back. Speaking about it, him and this man before him could be considered to have half of the same blood. Yet, this man was ruthless enough to try to steal money from an orphan and a widow. That money was his father’s posthumous compensation money.

Anyone who had a conscience wouldn’t have been able to do this kind of thing!

Even worse is that they weren’t even going to let his mother’s corpse go. Hearing their filthy speech made him rage with fury.

Before he had thought that no matter what, that married couple were his closest relatives in the world, so even though they weren’t the kindest, Yan Hanqing wasn’t prepared to pick up on their debt. Merely they had stepped on Yan Hanqing’s bottom line.

They could do a thousand things, or ten thousand things, but the one thing they shouldn’t have done was lay a hand on Yan Hanqing’s mother.

“This is my mother’s burial mound. I originally didn’t want there to be blood in front of her grave to allow her to be in peace.” Yan Hanqing seemed to be speaking to himself.

Hearing all this the man started s.h.i.+vering. He knew that Yan Hanqing had enrolled in the military and has seen blood before. If him and his wife went against him together, that would be as simple as basically handing over a dish to him.

“Hanqing, what are you thinking? I’m still your uncle…”

“That’s right. Hanqing what kind of nonsense are you talking about? We were here to just add some more dirt onto your mother’s grave.” The woman quickly added.

“It’s getting dark.” Noisele

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