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Chapter 33 A woman’s sorrow

The reason why Gu Panpan said she didn’t like it was rather simple, Shao Qing also didn’t like it. Upon entering the base, they were able to see that at the side of the road stood a lot of women. There were some young girls, so much that a few didn’t even look like they were adults; some aging but still attractive women, mature sophisticated women, and even a few who were a little bit older. They all had one common ground. They all wore shabby clothing but their faces were washed cleanly.

The superhumans coming from outside when pa.s.sing by would drag off one of the girls. At Shao Qing and the rest’s base, there were also these sort of women who sold their bodies. However, it was comparatively fewer in number because their internal operations of their base would provide everyone with food although it wasn’t much but adding onto food in exchange for work, they would be able to manage three meals a day no problem.

Therefore there were very few girls who would be willing to sell their bodies.

This place was different. How big was this base? The women standing by the road, could be estimated to be about seventy percent of the women in the entire base.

“Don’t look.” Gu Chuan’s eyes showed his loathing. “I’ve seen these kind of bases’ before. These bases don’t provide regular citizens any food, they require them to do burdensome work in exchange. The majority of the women aren’t capable of handling this sort of workload, and the men in the household after exchanging work for food is only able to provide food enough for only one adult. Therefore most of these women had no choice and would have to sell their bodies to investigation teams or superhumans to be able to get food. There are women who aren’t willing, yet a lot of the women when they arrive at the base, they… just have no other choice.”

Even Gu Chuan who barely reacted to anything was angry. But the things he just said made everyone feel disgusted, especially Gu Panpan and Shao Qing who were women themselves.

During the apocalypse, women were truly at a disadvantage. First of all, the majority of women had physical endurance that were inferior to the average man, besides otakus…

Secondly, every month women would have those several days. When that thing comes around, it’s really easy to attract zombies.

Thirdly, a majority of the women were soft hearted. In this immoral system of the apocalypse, soft hearted women would naturally succ.u.mb to nasty hearted men.

For example, it was common to see men gamble until they even sell their wife and children, but have you seen any women who would gamble off their husband or children?

In brief, after the apocalypse, women, seniors, and children were all part of a disadvantageous group, had a higher mortality rate, and also had to suffer the most.

Children could said to be still fortunate, since many bases were consciously aware that the children represented hope. They would be

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