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Chapter 10: Settling down

After the person leading Shao Qing spoke the same dialogue about how promoting her rank would result in a better residence and more benefits, he departed.

Shao Qing started exploring all over the place, sizing up the house she would only be living in for a short amount of time. She quickly finished her walk around and placed Xiao Baozi onto the bed to allow him to play by himself for a bit.

Xiao Baozi poured out a pile of crystals and began to count. Shad Qing had sewed him a pouch which he used to carry the crystals for snacks.

Right when Shao Qing began to rearrange the house, a tall and graceful man came over. Wearing a pair of gla.s.ses, he appeared quite scholarly and refined.

Sensing Shao Qing’s suspicions, he hurriedly introduced himself. “I just live right beside you. I heard that there was a new person moving in, so I came to look. Since we’re going to be neighbours, if you ever need my help in anything, don’t be afraid to ask.”

After getting to know him a bit, Shao Qing politely sent him off. The entire time that man called Li Jing was just staring at Shao Qing’s chest. Even a baby would be able to realize that he is not an upright man.

But through Li Jing, Shao Qing was able to figure out a few things. For example, even if you are a superhuman, you can’t just freeload. They are required to partic.i.p.ate in a search for supplies at set dates and half of the supplies found would go to the survivor base.

Another example is that they could hire any ordinary person to do the tedious ch.o.r.es they didn’t want to do. Just by giving them a little food, you could hire a maid to manage house ch.o.r.es every day. It goes without saying that the delicate and pretty young maidens get chosen first.

Regular people usually would have to do physical labour in exchange for food, but the amount of food they received in return were small, many would have no choice but to turn to earning ‘extra income’.

Understanding the specific situation, Shao Qing decided to sign up for a weekly supplies investigation team to stay longer in the survival base and live there without being conspicuous.

Within the investigation team there were two groups of people. A regular people squad would search the nearby bases. They would obtain only a little amount of the resource yet the dangers were huge.

The other group was the superhumans who would have to go further away from the base. Since the places they went to hasn’t been explored before, they received a greater amount of the natural resources discovered.

Shao Qing calculated a bit. She still needed a water jar, a bathtub and a sofa. Thus, she made preparations to check out the market and create a group to do some spontaneous investigating.

The people living at the market district had fantastic oddities of every description to sell. Carrying Xiao Baozi, Shao Qing saw gold ornaments, bizarre toy gadgets, and even R rated adult movies.

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