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Volume 2 Chapter 27 Continuing to pry

Good News! Translating has been going smoothly during the transition to work and schooling at home, so….. I am almost 100% sure all chapters should be translated by the end of this year (as long as I don’t get lazy and keep up the momentum). Uploads will increase as soon as the editor picks up her pace (not my fault hahaha). Hope to give everyone the official increase in chapters soon!

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After dealing with lunch, the group continued on their journey. The entire time, Cai Yingying gave them a brief overview of Jing Du survivor base. Shao Qing did not bat an eyelid when listening but she would occasionally bring up a few questions to slowly get to the bottom of it.

Jing Du survivor base had a total of four peak military units. Cai Yingying’s home military unit had a total of around three hundred people. Within those, two hundred were superhuman users. Yet within Jing Du, not even speaking about being the peak, they didn’t even make the rank. They could only be among the middle or upper levels.

Within the four military units, one of them was formed completely by women only. Furthermore, they were all beautiful women. The captain was called Wu Jiaojiao. Their military unit was named based on her nickname, Rose thorn. Even though they weren’t the strongest of the four, but the charm of the beautiful women was strong. A group of beautiful women was enough to make a lot of people to willingly tread through fire for them. Thus, very few people were willing to offend them.

Another one was known for the amount of people it had. This military unit had nearly a thousand members with about five to six hundred of them being superhumans. The captain was a gold elemental user. Their military unit was called Mad Devils. There was no requirement to enter the military unit, as long as they were a superhuman they were free to join. However, if they weren’t superhumans then if they had some unique ability they would also be accepted .

The third military unit was called Cold Ice. They had about a hundred plus members and followed the elite route. Of those hundred plus members, around a hundred were superhumans. In fact they were all rank 2 and above. The captain was reportedly an ice elemental user.

The final military unit was rather exotic. Their entire military unit only had around forty, yet they were still able to rise to rank first among the four military units in Jing Du. It is said that within this group of people the lowest rank was a rank 3 superhuman user. Each and everyone of them was said to have a unique skill. They also have a record within Jing Du. That is, any mission that they receive would be completed one hundred percent.

This was undoubtedly terrifying and ther was one common ground to becoming Jing Du’s top ranked military units. They all had at least one superhuman who had reached rank four within the military unit.

It was said that within this final military unit, the vice captain was already a rank four. In fact the captain wasn’t far from rank five, only a step away.

Shao Qing had always thought that her strength had risen quickly, but compared to others, she realized that there are even more powerful people out there.

Cai Yingying’s military unit was called Strong Wind. Even though it wasn’t as st.u.r.dy as those few military units, it was still a three hundred person big unit. Thus Cai Yingying was quite arrogant.

No matter if it is a male or a female, in front of people they wanted to please they would try to boast about themselves. Cai Yingying did indeed reveal a lot. This allowed Shao Qing to figure out that when she arrived in Jing Du her strength should be close to the peak rankings.

For example in Cai Yingying’s family, her father had the highest ability within the military unit. Currently he was a rank 3 superhuman user. As long as he broke through into rank 4, their military unit could finally step into the

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