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oad. They would do some simple ch.o.r.es like cooking or cleaning. At that moment, I thought you understood my meaning that they are our comrades.”

Shao Qing paused, then swept over everyone with her eyes. “Yet, I would have never thought that someone could do something even worse than that of a beast. In the middle of the night, to a group of women who have already suffered and been humiliated enough to the state that they are delirious, to do something like that. The person is already in my hand. I want to hear everyone’s thoughts.”

The people there looked at each other. All the women were furious and wanted severe punishment, however there were some voices that popped up from the crowd: “You’ve already beaten him and yelled at him, why don’t you take away his remuneration as his punishment and consider it done. After all we are all brothers here.”

“That’s right. He didn’t do anything too overboard. Worst case he can just apologize and give her some remuneration.”

“After holding back for so long, being a bit brash is totally normal. Men are like this. Not a problem at all, just give him a bit of punishment and it will all be good.”

Those women lowered their heads and their bodies began to tremble. Especially when someone mentioned giving them remuneration, it seemed as if they were prost.i.tutes.

Shao Qing dragged out her ‘oh’ then said: “Is this how you guys feel?”

Seeing that Shao Qing didn’t appear angry, their confidence gradually increased. One after another they would say: “just give her back some remuneration. If worst comes to worst you could just take his reward from this trip and distribute it to the women. The rewards for this trip would be enough to pay for hundreds of prost.i.tutes.”

Before he could finish speaking, Yan Ruru spun around and slapped him: “I dare you to repeat those words.”

In a flash that person kept silent out of fear. Covering his face where he got slapped he immediately sucked up to her saying: “Yan Jie, I have a cheap mouth. Please don’t be angry.”

Yan Ruru wanted badly to give him a kick to allow him to wake up.

Shao Qing slightly lifted her tone: “That is the decision you guys came up with? This is the way you will handle things?”

The several people who were quite lively didn’t dare to continue to speak. The younger women were all in a rage: “Shao Jie, don’t be merciful. You have to cruelly punish him!”

Shao Qing calmly spoke: I really feel humiliated for you. If these women who were humiliated to this point were your family would you dare say the same thing?”

“Hey, you can’t say that….” That person only just began speaking when he got brutally kicked down by Yan Ruru. Yan Ruru was thoroughly angry: “Is that so? Then I’ll give you an opportunity to experience it. Let’s see how you feel when your wife gets ruined by another?”

Shao Qing was not emotionally affected in the slightest. This was because she had already known the inherent nature of these peo

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