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Chapter 21 Advancing in Rank

Gu Panpan jumped forward in front of Shao Qing and in one stroke grabbed onto the man eating flower. With her left hand holding onto the top of its stem and her right hand holding onto the bottom of the stem, she tried to forcibly bring the two parts together. From Shao Qing’s perspective, because she was exerting herself so ferociously it was as if she was like a mouse trying to make use of it’s muscles.

Owing to the fact that she was using too much strength all of a sudden, Gu Panpan did not see that the location her left hand was placed on had a sharp point. That thorn directly penetrated through the back of her hand. Blood flowing along the palm of her hand, came trickling down.

Reeking of the smell of blood, the movement of the man eating flower became even more violent. Unceasingly struggling, Gu Panpan’s head became drenched with sweat.

It’s thorns… there’s…. Anaesthesia on it. I can’t hold on anymore. Hurry!”

A Tu and Gu Chuan quickly tried to dispose of the man eating flower. One attempting to make use of soil to control the man eating flower while the other attempted to use ice to slow down the flower’s speed. However, both failed. Just from the man eating flower suddenly moving to and fro, the diamond barbie like Gu Panpan was thrown away just like that. Luckily she was caught by Gu Chuan.

Without anyone restraining the head of the man eating flower, with a whoosh, it headed towards Shao Qing, trying to take a bite out of her. The man eating flower appeared as if it wanted to swallow Shao Qing whole and slowly digest her.

Biting down on her teeth, Shao Qing picked up her knife and all at once stuck it into the man eating flower’s mouth, pressing it against the flower’s calyx. Unfortunately only persevering for a second, it was broken with a snap.

The inner walls of the man eating flower secreted a sort of liquid similar to sulfuric acid. Anything that entered its mouth would be completely corroded.

Gu Chuan who was knocked over to the ground by Gu Panpan upon seeing Shao Qing’s situation, urgently shouted out for her. “Shao Qing! Are you able to think of a method to subdue it!”

Reportedly, wood element users were able to reduce variation plants into submission for their own use. However, the majority of the superhuman users who were able to subdue them, subdues a comparatively more gentle type of variation plant. For instance, the variation medicine ingredient plants which are all a wood elemental user’s favourite because they are able to aid in treatment.

One wood elemental user was able to subdue a plant that was able to emit a fragrance that had similar effects as doping. During a fight, it would be able to increase their own side’s fighting strength, allowing them to briefly forget about injuries.

But to have the courage to subdue a man eating flower of this variation, there are not many.

At each level, a wood elemental user would be able to subdue a

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