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Volume 2 Chapter 11 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 11 The person who picked her up has mental problems

You d.a.m.n pervert! She secretly cursed him once. Shao Qing then allowed her sharp teeth to penetrate the man’s wrist allowing warm blood to pour into her mouth.

To a zombie, blood was a sweet delicacy. But as a human being, this made her uncomfortable. Seeing the man’s face slowly turn pale, Shao Qing released his wrist and licked her lips.

Bright red blood stained her lips. Contrasting with her pale complexion, she looked extra provocative. For a split second, the man became absent-minded. Reaching out he stroked Shao Qing’s face murmuring: “So beautiful…..”

Shao Qing s.h.i.+vered. Now on top of being a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t, she gave him another t.i.tle of necrophilia. Hundred percent, complete pervert!

The man was completely satisfied with Shao Qing who became a lot livelier after drinking fresh blood. Extending his finger out he rubbed the corner of Shao Qing’s mouth. Afterward he licked the finger that had some traces of blood and smiled: “Even though I love being pressed down by you baby, being under the natural sky is a bit cold.”

As he spoke, he lifted Shao Qing and stood up. Shao Qing’s body was still limp, especially her legs since her bones were crushed; so they appeared like two pieces of noodles dangling along.

After lifting Shao Qing up he realized he overestimated his strength. Changing position, he placed Shao Qing on his back.

While leaning on his back, Shao Qing gave him another t.i.tle besides pervert and necrophile. A mental case who likes talking to themselves.

She must have received a lifetime’s worth of bad luck to meet him in these circ.u.mstances.

Being carried by him, Shao Qing surveyed the surrounding area. Because of the currents, she most likely flowed to the lower parts of Yan River and then got discovered at the shallows by this man.

After carrying her for a long time, he began to run out of breath. At this time, his comrade came over: “Professor, the person on your back is….”

“My wife.” The man naturally answered. When Shao Qing heard his response she wanted to give him another bite. That person was probably accustomed to his peculiar behaviour and didn’t ask much, he just said: “Professor, do you need me to carry her?”

How could the man pa.s.s Shao Qing to others? Once they touched her, they would automatically discover that Shao Qing was ‘different from the ma.s.ses’ and that can’t be revealed.

He calmly shook his head: “I don’t like others carrying my wife.”

There was nothing they could do as they watched the man carry Shao Qing into the car. As the car returned back to the base, Shao Qing figured out where she had flowed to.

Unexpectedly she had arrived at Linchuan survivor base. Linchuan was quite close to the capital. The capital was the nation’s only city that hadn’t fallen into the enemy’s hand.

Like other places, people had no choice but to withdraw from the city. Different from the city bases who set up near the city, the capital was established right in the capital.

Linchuan and the capital looked after one another and were considered the two safest bases. She went quite a long way down the river.

The man’s ident.i.ty seemed special. When he brought Shao Qing into the base, no one came up to inspect them. Their car swaggered into the base and then later stopped in front of a two story western style house.

The two story western style house was decorated as if it was a villa. The house was surrounded with flowers and shrubs, while the interior was covered with random pieces of commonly seen flowers before the apocalypse. During the apocalypse, this environment could be considered quite luxurious.

Sending the others to go deliver something, he carried Shao Qing into the house. The first floor was the lounge. Having a cold hue, it was quite quiet with no people. The man directly brought Shao Qing to the sec

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