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Chapter 64 Its last wish

The strange thing was that the zombie didn’t first throw itself towards Shao Qing or Yan Hanqing. Instead it threw itself towards Gu Panpan who was standing on the side. Gu Panpan caught unprepared, jumped in shock upon seeing this and subconsciously punched out. Yet, the one that went flying was still Gu Panpan.

When she released her superpower, her body’s durability increased highly but she still went flying into the flagpole at the entrance of the school, making it snap in half.

Shao Qing was clearly frightened. In an instant she had used her vines to wrap up the female zombie into a seed while Gu Chuan ran over to check on Gu Panpan.

Thank G.o.d, Gu Panpan was still a golden barbie like female warrior. Coughing out a mouthful of blood, she crawled out from the rubble and wiped her mouth. “OMG, they almost flattened out my chest!”

The worried Gu Chuan: ……

“High speed, high defense and high power.” Shao Qing could sense the zombie’s speed when her vines were being constantly a.s.saulted, thus she was able to estimate the battle capabilities of this female zombie: “This won’t work. If we were still at our peak strengths we might have been able to manage, but at our current state we absolutely won’t be able to do a thing.”

“Not good, retreat.” Yan Hanqing worriedly saw with a glance that the bright green seed burst apart.

Those vines were all formed using Shao Qing’s superpowers. If it becomes destroyed, Shao Qing would also suffer damages. With a smothering feeling in her chest, a fishy sweet smell came bubbling up her throat.

Yet the female zombie who had just broken free once again turned around and charged towards Gu Panpan. Gu Panpan who just climbed out, right away screamed out: “Oh G.o.d, what did I do to offend her? Why is she rus.h.i.+ng at me again?!”

Then, Gu Panpan went flying again another time. This time she crashed directly into the school’s gla.s.s doors and into the school building.

Without even glancing at Shao Qing and the rest, as if it had set its mind on Gu Panpan, the zombie broke into a run into the school. Yan Hanqing suddenly had an idea: “Just now, could it be that Gu Panpan killed the most zombies?”

Shao Qing thought about it for a bit and nodded her head. Although she used vines to restrict a large group of zombies and Yan Hanqing used electricity to paralyze them, the one who killed the most zombies was still Gu Panpan.

Er Dai and Gu Chuan couldn’t keep up with Gu Panpan’s murderous eyes filled with hopes of crystals.

It took a moment for Shao Qing to understand what he was implying: “So what you’re implying is…”

“En, I’m thinking that this rank 4 zombie most likely had left behind a line of thought. During its lifetime it was a teacher, it can’t be said for certain but it might have been a responsible teacher. Especially since it has arrived at rank 4 and still hasn’t left the school.There’s a high chance….” Yan Hanqing’s eyebrows pinched together in deep thought.

Shao Qing immediately continued his statement: “So what you’re saying is that it’s staying behind in the school to protect the students who turned into zombies? This is why it is targeting Gu Panpan like this, because Gu Panpan killed a large number of zombies?”

Yan Hanqing nodded his head. Shao Qing also thought that this answer was reasonable and as a result nodded her head as well. “I think that there is a high chance that this is the case, why don’t we test it out?”

Gu Panpan who was inside was already ready to cry. She didn’t get it at all. Why has this female zombie taken a fancy to her, it was as if she had stolen her boyfriend or something and won’t give up.

Just when Gu Panpan was trying her hundredth attempt to shake off the zombie, shouts from zombies could be heard from outside. The female zombie who was originally energetically chasing Gu Panpan immediately gave up on Gu Panpan and turned around and sprinted outside.


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