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Chapter 63 The sudden crisis

The tacit understanding between the entire team was getting increasingly better. Someone was in charge of being in control, another was in charge of attacking, then having Shao Tong who was incredibly important for defense for close and long range; it was absolutely perfect.

Checking over the crystals, Shao Qing was extremely satisfied. Overlooking the crystals from the normal zombies, they had around thirty rank 2 crystals and they have cleared up most of the dormitory. The boss was probably located at the school.

After cleaning up the school, perhaps Shao Qing would have over a hundred high ranking crystals. Of course within the pile of hundred crystals the majority would be ranked 2 but even if that was the case, this would still be considered a large amount of wealth.

Bringing that excited att.i.tude, Shao Qing headed towards the school. At the school, there were evidently a lot more zombies. The degree of concentration could be double that of the dorms. Shao Qing and the rest even encountered two rarely seen mental variation zombies.

Arriving here they could see that all the zombies were valiant. In terms of their mental aspect, they weren’t that much different from a person with a disability. That’s why spiritual zombie variations weren’t rare at all.

Not to mention their physical attributes were on the weaker side, just like the big headed baby zombie who had relied on the stronger robust zombie.

That was a coexistence that worked quite well.

The two spiritual zombies that Shao Qing and the rest had heard of both had their own small group being directed by them and could be considered rather trickier to deal with. But, in the end they were surrounded by Shao Qing and the group’s attack, allowing two crystals to land in Shao Tong’s hands.

Killing zombies in such a dense populated area was like stealing vegetables at a farm. The pleasure couldn’t be fully described, especially when the crystals that they collected continued to increase.

It was like the feeling of being a winner!

After cleaning up the first two floors, Shao Qing didn’t plan on continuing onto the third floor. Almost everybody’s superpowers were all about used up. If they continued onwards, and encountered any dangers, someone might get injured and that would not be good.

People shouldn’t be too greedy and should quit while they’re still ahead.

A man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant, they would eventually end up bursting apart.

Going down the main floor of the school building, before reaching the flag, there was a sudden shriek accompanied by the crash of Shao Tong’s mental barrier. Vines like slithering snakes immediately began to spread out in all directions. Staring straight ahead, Shao Qing saw a zombie with filthy women’s clothing crawling up from the ground.

It had only half of its head while the other half was chopped off by some sort of weapon. It’s skull had a chunk sliced off and you could even see the squirming of its brain.

But that squirming motion wasn’t because its brain was still alive. Instead it was actually because there were live maggots that had bored its way inside to make it seem as if the brain was still alive.

The zombie was so rotten that one could barely see their face; however, a pair of half shattered gla.s.ses could still be seen hanging on its face. It’s really unclear how those pair of gla.s.ses was still able to stay on its face to this day.

Looking from its appearance, during its lifetime, it must have been a teacher; yet, now it’s just another zombie.

“What rank?” Gu Panpan couldn’t hold back asking.

Shao Qing wrinkled her brows, controlling her vines like a whip, she threw the zombie over. But she only saw that once the female zombie was captured by the vine whip, it madly teared at it, snapping the vines off.

After probing out the zombie, Shao Qing’s face became unsightly: “

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