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Volume 2 Chapter 16 Offering a sacrifice to you

Happy new year everyone!! I hope everyone had an awesome countdown and have a few new year resolutions they will aim for, mine will be to finish translating one of the two novels this year!!

Yan Qiyue’s eyes lit up like a lightbulb. Bashfully keeping close: “Is it that kind of heat? Ah Qing don’t be scared. With me here, we can quickly go behind the thickets and resolve this.”

“What are you thinking?” Shao Qing indifferently shot him a glance. Then she closed her eyes recalling her past experience: “It has an energizing effect and some stimulating effect. The flow of power and blood is circulating a lot quicker. It’s a good thing, but we don’t know if there’s any side effects.”

Yan Qiyue was extremely disappointed. He thought that today he could finally eat a meal after fasting for so long…..

After being disappointed for a while, he brought his energy back up and asked Qiao Mo: “Can we gather and bring some back?”

Qiao Mo naturally heard what Shao Qing said, that stimulation ** side effect wasn’t much, but if they were able to create a pill that was even better than the invincible pill, then it will be the biggest reaping.

Waving his hand, immediately a few superhumans took our some jars and began collecting some liquid from the flower. After Shao Qing instructed them, they all put on see through gloves to avoid getting infected by the liquid.

After all Shao Qing was a zombie. For her it might just a little stimulation, but for these superhumans, it could be……

When the superhumans went over to the flowers preparing to collect the liquid, Shao Qing suddenly heard a weak rustling sound. Before she could react, she saw a greenish black shadow rocketing out bringing along the falling petals. As it came towards them, it opened its big b.l.o.o.d.y mouth.

It was a python that was as thick as a bucket. With one bite it swallowed an unprepared superhuman whole. Shao Qing and them could see the shape of its body as it went down the snake’s throat and became a bulge that stuck out.

In an instant the bulge was digested. After all the digestive abilities of a variation animal has also strengthened by quite a lot.

The other alarmed superhumans immediately reacted. All of them utilized their abilities immediately wanting to kill the snake. If they were quick, they might even be able to rescue the unfortunate man who was swallowed whole. Yet the scales on the python was st.u.r.dier than they had imagined. No matter if it was a fireball or earth thorns, there wasn’t even a trace left behind.

The big python was very smart. Knowing that it had met its goal, it immediately tried to flee. It had no intention of staying behind at all.

Shao Qing looked at Qiao Mo. He appeared to have no interest in helping out at all, so she decided to give them a helping hand. Vines came soaring out, breaking apart the flowers and causing petals to fly everywhere, and wrapped itself around the python.

Cunning and slippery, regular vines definitely would not be able to restrain it. But Shao Qing’s vines had special sharp thorns. The moment the vines wrapped around the python, it fiercely stabbed into its flesh.

The skin that the superhumans spent half a day fighting but couldn’t even mark was easily punctured by the thorns.

The python who originally wanted to run away, in a moment was detained where it was. Those superhumans were delighted and immediately threw themselves over. An earth elemental who was quite smart knowing that its earth thorns couldn’t puncture the pythons skin stabbed at its eyes, blinding it.

When the earth thorn stabbed into the pythons eye, the python let out a painful snarl. Shaking its head and tail, but no matter what, it wasn’t able to shake off the numbing vines that had restrained it.

Strength users then pressed down its head. Different colour superpowers covered the sky as they landed, directly drowning out the p

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