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Chapter 30 The Adorkable Er Dai

Shao Qing had no idea how to describe her current emotions. It was probably warm, very warm. Now she realized why every time she came out, she had a feeling that someone was tailing her nearby. Now she also understood where that faintly discernible peeping feeling came from.

At that time, she had given him the name Er Dai. This was indeed the perfect name. How could there be such a foolish zombie?

She was correct. The thing that was currently rolling around with the big zombie was Er Dai. He was still wearing the same outfit that Shao Qing had given him before she left. It was somewhat shabby and covered in mud, but there was actually not too much bloodstain.

He resembled an angered male animal. Throwing the large zombie to the ground, he used sharp nails to penetrate the big zombie’s shoulder blades. During this fight, rotten meat and black blood splashed everywhere.

The zombie baby started to panic, continuously screeching out loud. Too bad just when it started it’s high pitch shrieking, it was punctured in the head by a dagger.

Shao Qing had ruthlessly taken the dagger and stabbed down at it, afterwards rus.h.i.+ng to a.s.sist Er dai to open up the big zombie’s head. They were hunting just like like before, that same tacit understanding, it almost seemed as if they never separated.

After loosening the dagger, Shao Qing didn’t even mind that the ground was covered with rotten meat and black blood and simply crouched down, repeatedly gasping. Just a moment ago the desperately ferocious Er Dai now became like a monkey, a little puppy and threw it self at Shao Qing, rubbing against her.

Shao Qing patted Er Dai’s head: “Hey, don’t start rubbing against me while everything’s in disorder. When did you learn to be like a dog?”

Er Dai opened his large ma.s.sive eyes, it’s expression display how wronged he felt. Extending his hands, in the middle of his palm were two large crystals and a flannel cloth bag.

The crystals came from the recently finished off zombies, while the bag was what Shao Qing had originally given him.

The bag was full and bulging. It appears that compared to what Shao Qing gave him, there were a lot more items now. Shao Qing was speechless.

She stared at Er Dai’s pathetic and pitiful appearance staring at her, causing her heart to feel a bit sour and a bit confused. Although Er Dai couldn’t speak, Shao Qing clearly sensed what Er Dai was trying to express.

He didn’t want the crystals. He could even help Shao Qing get even more crystals, so…. please don’t abandon him.

“I gave you the name Er Dai but are you really that foolish?” Shao Qing poked his head. Head tilted, Er Dai’s eyes showed how confused he was. Shao Qing then realized how filthy Er Dai’s hair was as it covered his face, seeming to have become even more fair.

Before, Er Dai’s face although wasn’t rotting like the other zombies, it was still extremely pale with a greenish white tinge like a dead person. However, now it seems like Er Dai’s complexion has unexpectedly improved a lot. Although as before, it still didn’t resemble an ordinary person, it could pull off a living person.

“If you don’t leave, you’ll leave me with no choice. Shao Qing felt incredibly powerless. Taking her arms she grabbed Er Dai’s ice-cold rigid body and pulled him into her embrace. “Why couldn’t you live your life freely by yourself? I already gave you your freedom, why did you come back?”

Er Dai didn’t speak, he only tightly grabbed onto Shao Qing’s arms. Also afraid that he might harm Shao Qing, he didn’t dare to exert all his strength, he even retracted his sharp nails.

That cautious appearance that depicted how scared he was that Shao Qing might run off again made Shao Qing’s heart soften. Though it could be said that she had a lot of trust in Yan Hanqing, but within her heart as before she was still a bit reserved.

Probably anyone who had been betrayed before would

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