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Chapter 7: Discovered

Both sides had an understanding. Neither believed in the other. The woman and her companions wanted to fish out the secret in how Shao Qing was able to survive so long by herself in the city, while Shao Qing had taken a fancy towards their crystals.

As a result, although they walked forward in an amicable, polite manner, they were in fact on high alert, especially Shao Qing. Originally, she was considering if the others didn’t make a move, she would be willing to operate in harmony in investigating this large building. After all, she didn’t know these four very well, thus couldn’t be confident in her winning chances.

But things of the world is often against one’s wishes. Right when she had just arrived in front of the stairs of the second floor, the fat man suddenly turned his head and shouted. “Wrong, there’s another person!”

When they heard this, the wind user, the taciturn man, had emitted a blade of wind towards where the fatty was facing. Originally hiding in the shadows of a secret corner, Er Dai angrily let out a howl. Quicky evading the wind blade, he consequently revealed himself.

Pale white skin, dark greenish black eyes carrying a dark red pupil, in addition to the comparably more rigid body than an average person, it was clear to see that he was not a human being.

Even if he was wearing a neat face, it would not be able to change the fact that he was a zombie.

The four of their faces changed in an instant. They had never seen a zombie with a speed this fast. Looking carefully, there was almost no difference in comparison to a living person.

The tall man’s brain was the quickest to recover back to normal. When everyone’s gaze was fixed on Er Dai, he screamed out loud “Watch out behind you!”

However, the warning was too late. By the time the other three turned their heads, they saw the wide eyed fatty kneel to the ground then finally falling with a loud thud. The back of his head had a hole with brains and blood flowing out.

Flinging the blood off her fingernail, she unsatisfyingly put away the white crystal. The woman at once felt her legs weaken. “She… she isn’t human!”

Humans were able to freely lengthen and shorten, and even have black fingernails as sharp as a blade? Carefully looking at Shao Qing once more, they noticed that her complexion was dreadfully pale and underneath her eyes was a faint red taint.

Even the Xiao Baozi popping out from her shoulder had changed to be extremely frightening. Especially his sinister pair of eyes that he was using to stare at them.

Now they have truly discovered Shao Qing’s secret in being able to survive in the city for so long. As it turns out, this elegant, beautiful woman standing in front of them is not a human being at all.

“I originally didn’t want to kill you.” Shao Qing smirked and then her eyes flashed. “Er Dai!”

Once the threatening Er Dai obtained the command, he immediately advanced towards the three remaining people. The weakest fatty had already been killed, now only three remained, but none of them were weak chickens.

What shouldn’t have been seen has been seen. Now Shao Qing absolutely cannot let them leave this place alive. The moment Er Dai took action, she also took action.

After reviving, Shao Qing’s speed, strength, and defence all drastically improved. After the absorption of so many crystals, all those aspects further increased. Let alone her expertise prior was in close combat. Now, the tenaciousness of her ten sharp fingernail blades just added to her fighting strength.

Now that it was the apocalypse, these superhumans were still in the middle of figuring out their powers and weren’t completely proficient with their abilities yet. Thus their fighting strength was greatly reduced.

In a moment, they were covered in bruises and cuts, yet they were completely unable to harm Er Dai and Shao Qing.

“Go die!” Collapsing to the ground, the woman abruptly cha

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