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Volume 2 Chapter 25 Want to cut in line?

After playing with Xiao Baozi for a while, Shao Qing and Yan Hanqing discussed of what happened when Shao Qing and the zombie king jumped into the river with Er Dai following behind and after Yan Pingsheng’s troops arrived.

The first thing the troops did when they arrived was try to see if they could fish Shao Qing or Er Dai out. A group of people following along the river, after going who knows how far, still couldn’t find Shao Qing and Er Dai. Most of the people had already believed that Shao Qing had died, but Yan Pingsheng and Meng Shen were unwilling to give up.

At that time, Yan Hanqing and the rest who had waited for a long time also arrived. Both sides searched for several days, but ultimately decided to temporarily give up and take a break.

Following Meng Shen and them, they went to Lin Chuan survivor base. After conforming, they continued down the Yan river to search. As long as it was a survivor base, they would go in to search and make inquiries.

When they finally arrived at Lin Chuan survivor base, most had lost all hope. Yet who would have thought that at this time when they were preparing to leave they would run into Shao Qing.

Shao Qing also spoke about her experience. Naturally she skipped over the things that shouldn’t be brought up. The main point that stuck out was the fact that Yan Qiyue had saved her.

Naturally once this matter was brought up, everyone viewed Yan Qiyue in a more gentle and friendly manner. Within her superhuman squad, they were all Shao Qing’s most intimate family. The closer they were, the harder it was for new people to join in.Read more chapters at ReadNovelFull.com

Especially when they were fighting to survive.

However, Yan Qiyue was Shao Qing’s benefactor. All of them were extremely grateful to Yan Qiyue. They immediately became a lot more tolerant of him.

Even Xiao Baozi changed his view on him a bit.

Of course, if Yan Qiyue exposed his ‘early bird catches the worm’ story perhaps Yan Hanqing and Gu Chuan might strip him alive.

However, if it really comes to it, the first encounter with Shao Qing was actually Er Dai. After Er Dai and Shao Qing’s first incident, the men had all felt unpleasant. However, they also understood that there was no other choice in that situation.

Yet what about Yan Qiyue? Saying it in an unpleasant manner, shouldn’t it be first come first serve? How could he come halfway and steal the kill! Did he ask the men for consent?!

The men understood Shao Qing’s personality. Just obtaining her body didn’t mean they got her heart. She was someone with her own opinion. The more opinionated, the harder it is for someone to win her.

Thus none of the men were willing to give up after Er Dai’s incident. This kind of women, if they were to give up they would have a lifetime of regret.

Who would be stupid enough to give up?

From Lin Chuan to Jing Du wasn’t too far but it wasn’t close either. After all, usually when you calculate it would be based on a straight line distance. However, Lin Chuan survivor base and Jing Du survivor base were separated by mountains.

If you wanted to directly pa.s.s through these mountains, a family car definitely won’t do it. Just the mountain’s height would break a cross country car’s cha.s.sis. Thus, making a detour was a necessity.

At night, they all slept inside the car. Bringing down the sheet??, they treated it as a bed and slept. Although it was a bit narrow, but considering it is during an apocalypse, this isn’t bad.

Shao Qing didn’t sleep. Unable to sleep, she sat on top of the car and patrolled for the night. Under the faint moonlight, she began to sew some clothes.

The python’s body was extremely long. The skin she had collected was sufficient to make each person a protective vest. After all, Yan Hanqing and the rest were different from Shao Qing. Even though they were superhumans, if they suffered damage at th

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