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Chapter 50 Destination

Although this event shook them to the core, fortunately everyone was able to make it through. In fact their strength has gone one step further, in particular Yan Hanqing who had the most severe injuries had the most harvest.

He became a superhuman and even got the strong lightning element.

Originally Yan Hanqing didn’t say anything, but inwardly, there was always a sense of inferiority. After all, he was the only one who had no superhuman ability. He said that he would repay Shao Qing, but he just wasn’t capable of doing anything. From now on, he was truly capable of keeping his promise.

After his ident.i.ty was revealed, Er Dai became a lot more active. He leaped through the woods and after luring in a lot of zombies with a b.l.o.o.d.y fabric, he nimbly jumped into the car while Yan Hanqing quickly released his thunderbolts. This would cause a large amount of the zombies to seize, twitching for a long time before laying still.

Approaching closer to investigate, Shao Qing found that the zombies were still alive. Waiting at the side, after a while they saw that the zombies would regain their ability to move. She and Gu Panpan then immediately went to take care of the rest of the zombies.

“From our experiments, if we find one or two zombies, we can kill them. If there are more, then we can only temporarily cause them to lose their ability to move. Ordinary zombies will need about ten seconds to recover while rank two zombies can only be restricted for about 3-5 seconds. Zombies within ten meters wouldn’t be able to escape, but the effect would worsen as the distance increases.” Shao Qing sensibly a.n.a.lyzed her findings. “However, Han Qing is only rank one right now. Once he improves his rank, his strength will also increase. ”

Hearing this, Yan Hanqing didn’t feel dispirited at all. After all, just having this super power was already a ma.s.sive improvement from before. Gradually increasing his rank, eventually he’ll be able to help Shao Qing a lot more.

After distributing the crystals to everyone, Shao Qing looked at the map. “We’re going to arrive at Hanqing’s home soon. Everybody eat some food, right in front is the fork in the road. This afternoon, we’re not going to be stopping to take a break.”

Shao Qing didn’t need to eat, so she was responsible for driving while the rest ate something at the back. Shao Tong even gave a little food to Xiao Baozi. As Shao Qing drove, she saw that up ahead was a big river, but the bridge to cross the river had collapsed causing this path to be blocked. Shao Qing had to ask Yan Hanqing: “Is there another way?”

Yan Hanqing thought for a while. “Past that mountain up ahead would lead us straight to our village’s cemetery. People say that the Feng Shui there is rather good. A cemetery was built in the land of our village, so a road was being built on the mountain. We should be able to walk that path.”

Shao Qing nodded her head and turned the ca

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