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Chapter 41 The Breached Base

Just when Shao Qing took a crystal out, the lolita zombie suddenly pounced. Her speed was extremely quick. Shao Qing had no time to prepare at all and it had already appeared in front of her eyes.

However, Shao Qing’s movements were quick. With her leg, she kicked up the body in front of her causing it to smash into the lolita zombie’s body.

That body was smashed apart into pieces immediately, but it was able to stop the lolita for a split second allowing Shao Qing some time to react.

When the Lolita zombie came rus.h.i.+ng at Shao Qing like an arrow, Shao Qing using her stomp for an extra boost, had already suddenly rushed over as well. Using her shoulder as the point, she collided into the Lolita zombie.

The Lolita zombie flew off as if she was smashed by a fire truck. She smashed into the tree, a clear distinct sound of bone breaking could be heard.

While Shao Qing had only retreated one step, her expression calm as she took a stride forward. Before the Lolita zombie could crawl up, she grasped her by the neck while her other hand formed a fist and furiously pounded at her.

When the first punch went down, the Lolita zombie’s head was suddenly thrown backwards, her neck snapping off with a crack. Although this was the case, it still attempted to try to bite at Shao Qing.

Expressionless, Shao Qing continued to press down on its neck. Even though her shoulder was being clawed by the Lolita causing it to form five b.l.o.o.d.y holes, she still didn’t let go. Taking the alive Lolita zombie, she smashed its brains into a meat pulp.

Collecting the crystal within the meat pulp, Shao Qing gave a sweep around the area. The few variation zombies that were originally beginning to stir started to quietly retreat.

She was only able to get rid of the Lolita zombie this easily because the only thing the Lolita zombie had evolved in was her speed, which was easier to deal with. However, if the other variation zombies all swarmed her, besides escaping she would only have one end result, death.

Putting away the crystal, Shao Qing went back again to collect some more crystals. Seeing that she had gathered most of the crystals around her, she headed back to the base. After returning, Shao Qing was very solemn as she spoke to the others. “I think something isn’t right. If something happens, remember to escape at once, don’t linger at all.”

“What’s going on?” Yan Hanqing’s voice was somewhat hoa.r.s.e. His gaze fell on Shao Qing’s shoulders. A few b.l.o.o.d.y holes and fair skin could be vaguely seen from the area of clothing that was damaged.

“The number of variation zombies outside are a lot. Moreover the majority are quite aggressive. I observed them carefully and discovered that those zombies are quite disciplined, like… like a small organization. My instinct tells me that tonight’s end will not be as simple as we think it may be. Therefore… everyone must be careful.”

“What Qin

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