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marybethgriggs > The End Of The World\'s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby > Chapter 29
Chapter 29 Critical Moment

Luckily the car’s cha.s.sis was tall, otherwise she would’ve been the one that was pierced through instead. Taking in a deep breath, she sized up the monstrous zombie.

His four limbs were uncoordinated, both arms and his left leg were extremely thick and solid, while his right leg seemed somewhat deformed. It was skinnier than the left leg by a half or more making it so that when he walked he couldn’t help but limp.

Although it appeared rather ridiculous looking, it didn’t change the ominous and fierce odour coming from his body. He is definitely an evolved zombie!

Shao Qing carefully observed him then found that he was also firmly staring right back at her. Reckoning that he wasn’t benevolent, it was highly possible that it had come here for those crystals.

It was at that moment, a very small zombie head from behind the zombie’s shoulders peaked out it. It was… about the size of a baby with a withered up head with absolutely no hair. The most distinct thing about it was that it had a pair of pitch black eyeb.a.l.l.s with no whites at all staring dead straight at Shao Qing.

It’s facial features were relatively complete and at least it wasn’t rotting. Looking at it all wrinkled up, it seemed rather similar to a monkey.

That baby zombie was hugging onto the other zombie’s neck, it’s skinny shriveled body was stuck to it’s back. Suddenly it started to scream a sharp penetrating sound.

Shao Qing who wasn’t prepared to guard against that felt her head buzzing accompanied by an aching pain of blank s.p.a.ce. It was at that moment, that st.u.r.dy zombie’s movements became nimble. Jumping up suddenly, it stepped on the car roof and climbed over to where she was.

The car roof right away sank down. The zombie utilizing its strength, in a flash it appeared in front of Shao Qing. Shao Qing who just recently recovered had her chest receive a strong hit knocking her back fiercely onto the ground. She felt her chest tighten up, then sprayed a mouthful of blackish red blood out.

The baby zombie once again shrieked out loud and the st.u.r.dy zombie violently rushed over to Shao Qing with his fists held high. Trying with great efforts to focus her mind, she crossed her arms out in front of her body but once again flew off a great distance from the strike.

She more or less understood the situation. That baby zombie is the real mastermind. It ought to be a mind controlling zombie and that strong zombie must be following it’s orders.

Most likely this time’s zombie wave was also launched by it.

The distinction between higher level zombies and an average zombie is huge. An ordinary zombie would treat Shao Qing as one of their own and wouldn’t attack her; however, a high level zombie would have the ability to determine and discover things. Therefore they would swallow their same species to receive an advancement in ranking to increase their strength. That’s why when they face a ‘high level’

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