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Chapter 18: Changed into a zombie

“This smells so good! I haven’t eaten meat in so long!” The young couple at once raked in several pieces of meat into their own bowls. Since the apocalypse, meat has become a rarity among food.

Shao Qing did not make any movements. She picked up a mushroom with her chopsticks, then swallowed it down. When the boss asked her about it, she only politely smiled. “I’m on a diet.”

Once the host and guest stopped eating, having finished up all the dinner, the ones ought to rest went to rest. Everyone was preserving their strength to prepare to leave this ghostly area.

Shao Qing was pacing back and forth within the courtyard with the silent Yan Hanqing following behind her. There was no one in the courtyard, just a small oil lamp. It was unclear where the oil lamp was found, the light from the oil lamp s.h.i.+ning through the opening, appearing quite sinister.

“Why aren’t you asking me why I was preventing you from eating the meat?” Shao Qing quietly asked. Yan Hanqing shook his head. “I can tell.”

“Then that’s good.” Shao Qing held on to Xiao Baozi’s hand, letting him unsteadily walk forward. Deliberately lowering her voice so one wouldn’t be able to hear if she was excited or angry, she said. “Ah Qing, I want to kill.”

Yan Hanqing was somewhat expressionless. Never has anyone ever called him Ah Qing, that was intimate. This made him unable to contain his blush, so much that he even forgot to block Shao Qing.

Shao Qing supported Xiao Baozi as he learned to walk. His steps exasperatingly slow. “I’m not a good person, but I still do have a bit of a conscience. Smell the wind. That smell is quite heavy, lingering on the tip of my nose. At all times, it reminds me of what has actually occurred here.”

Yan Hanqing’s nose wasn’t as alert as Shao Qing’s. However, the difference was that big. He became silent again, the obstructive words he was going to say wasn’t able to come out at all. After all those people were already bad to the bones. Not even mentioning just watching it happen but even personally murdering, he was capable of doing it.

“Tonight will definitely meet with mishap.” Shao Qing decisively decided this. Her sixth sense told her that. Yan Hanqing didn’t say any words and just followed behind Shao Qing.

There weren’t a lot of vacant rooms, therefore when it was time to sleep at night, Shao Qing and Gu Panpan were sleeping together in one room. If it weren’t for the fact that during the daytime they were so busy, thus causing Gu Panpan to immediately fall asleep, Shao Qing reckoned she would have been listening to gossip for the entire night.

Gu Panpan was deep asleep, whereas Shao Qing didn’t sleep at all. Drawing Xiao Baozi close, she quietly curled up on the bed. By the time when it was midnight, a sudden blood-curdling shriek filled the air. It came from the room next door.

Shao Qing’s expression immediately changed. She quickly crawled out of bed. Carryin

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