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Volume 2 Chapter 33 Er Dai?

Fu Jingmo was very diligent and sincere. If he wasn’t doing housework all day long, he would find some trivial things to do. Gu Panpan and others started to have a better impression of him. After all, almost no one would hate a diligent, hardworking person who is pleasing to the eye.

Soon the friendly match was about to begin. The friendly match was being held in the Grand plaza of Jing Du. Although it was open to the public, it was suggested that only superhumans enter. The positions in the front row were reserved for the more powerful mercenaries in Jing Du to sit.

Although Cai Yingying’s family mercenary group did not enter the first few ranks, they were still considered to be a relatively large mercenary group. Naturally, they could occupy a spot. Cai Yingying brought Shao Qing to them early on.

Shao Qing also saw Cai Yingying’s father for the first time. Cai Yingying’s father looked like he was good-natured. Upon seeing someone, his face would light up in a smile. Radiating with happiness, it was hard not to obtain a favorable impression.

Moreover, when Cai Yingying’s father and Shao Qing’s group talked, there was no putting on airs. They did not look down on Shao Qing’s group coming from a position of a “nameless squad”. In short, he seemed amiable.

After a while, several other top mercenary groups arrived. The most eye-catching naturally was Rose Thorn. All the members were attractive. The most eye-catching was the captain Wu Jiaojiao. Wearing a tight-fitting leather outfit, her figure was exceedingly conspicuous. With curves sticking out the front and back accompanied with a small waist, on top of an alluring appearance, she simply attracted the eyes of all the superhumans in the audience.

Naturally the one Shao Qing looked at wasn’t the girls, but the man who sat in the corner who appeared drowsy. He had a delicate face. Although his facial features weren’t prominent, he was still worth a second look.

The reason he attracted Shao Qing’s attention was because he had no presence. Even though he was dozing off among a group of people, he didn’t attract others attention.

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Taking another look, he probably felt Shao Qing’s gaze and opened his eyes. Once he did, the feeling he gave off was completely different.

It was like the finis.h.i.+ng touch that brought the painting to life. His face was still delicate but in a flash, it was as if people couldn’t move their eyes away from him. Especially those eyes, gleaming in the sunlight, slightly squinting, it was like a smile yet not.

Meeting eyes with Shao Qing, Shao Qing gave him an earnest sizing up and then looked away.

The man was a bit curious. He was very clear about his own appearance. Very few people who made eye contact with him would be able to naturally look away.

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However, when Shao Qing looked away, her eyes clearly reflected the words “not interested” which made him a little discouraged.

The people of the island country and the higher ups came together. As soon as the people of the island country arrived, Shao Qing nearly bounced up. This was because at the end of the island team, there was a girl wearing a cherry kimono and right beside the girl stood a young man. His eye had a long scar. Shao Qing nearly flew over to hold the boy in her arms.

She had looked for so long and now Er Dai has suddenly appeared in front of her.

That is Er Dai! Shao Qing didn’t need to ask, she didn’t have to say anything. Just from one glance, she could recognize him immediately. That was definitely Er Dai.

Yan Hanqing also saw Er Dai. He grabbed Shao Qing’s hand and whispered: “Don’t be impulsive. Let’s take a look first.”

How can Er Dai be with the team of island people? Shao Qing suppressed the urges in her heart and carefully observed. She found that Er Dai’s expression was very gloomy, with a bit of eagerness and impatie

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