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They stopped once during the afternoon. Shao Qing remembered that Yan Qiyue’s stomach wasn’t feeling well so she had brought the supplies necessary to make soup. Harvesting some vegetables and mushrooms that weren’t poisonous nearby, she began cooking chicken soup for him.

While she was cooking she began thinking that next time she should cook carp. Carp soup was the best for an upset stomach.

Not mentioning the taste, just the smell made Qiao Mo and the rest repeatedly look over. Yan Qiyue had no intention of sharing any of the beloved soup Shao Qing had made for him with the others. He badly wanted to throw away those people who were looking at his soup covetously.

s.h.i.+fting over, Qiao Mo looked at the soup and said: “Look at how big the pot is. You won’t be able to finish it all by yourself. Why don’t you let me help you!”

Yan Qiyue sneered: “Who said I can’t finish it all?”

Then right in front of everyone, he took the still scalding hot soup and began to drink it. In fact he drank it extremely quickly as if he was scared someone would s.n.a.t.c.h it away from him. Finally he wiped his mouth: “I’m finished.”

Qiao Mo looked at Yan Qiyue’s protruding belly and him sticking out his thumb. That’s just too much.

Yan Qiyue coldly smiled. He definitely wouldn’t allow anyone to taste Shao Qing’s soup! Definitely Not!

“Huh? You’re already finished?” When Shao Qing turned her back around she noticed that Yan Qiyue had a protruding belly sitting there. She couldn’t help but reach out and touch his stomach: ”You can still eat?”

“……..” Seeing the plate of meat and peppers in her hand, he gritted his teeth: “I can still eat!”

Shao Qing replied: “Don’t force yourself if you can’t eat. In any case there’s a lot of people so it won’t be wasted. Your stomach still isn’t well, don’t torture it.”

Yan Qiyue clenched his teeth: Who said? I’m still not full yet!” After he said that, he let out a belch. Feeling a bit embarra.s.sed, he covered his mouth: “I just drank a bit too much soup. Actually, you can’t get full from soup. Just give me a moment. When I come back I’ll finish it for you.”

Before leaving, Yan Qiyue gave Qiao Mo a particularly vicious glare to protect his food. Qiao Mo rubbed his nose feeling helpless. He has known Yan Qiyue for a really long time, but he had never see him act as if he was a child.

After letting out the water in his body, he valiantly returned to war again. Then he forcefully stuffed everything Shao Qing made down his throat. Supporting himself, he went over to Shao Qing.

Shao Qing could only rub his stomach and sigh: “Now you feel the pain?”

With reddish eyes, he stubbornly refuted: “It doesn’t hurt.”

With nothing she could do, Shao Qing sighed and just continued to rub his stomach. The superhumans who were looking on at the side all had their jaws dropped.

That’s Yan Qiyue? Are they dreaming? Could it be that something had taken over his body?! This made no sense at all!”

When it was dinner and breakfast time, Shao Qing didn’t dare to make too much. Seeing that Yan Qiyue had a greed that has reached a perverted level she only made enough for him. In any case she didn’t eat much since she would have to puke them all out anyways.

When they arrived at the location, the superhumans immediately got into formation surrounding Shao Qing and the other two in the middle. Their cooperation was extremely well coordinated as they advanced forward.

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