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Volume 2 Chapter 15

Volume 2 Chapter 15 Deep in the Forest

Most likely because he wanted to show good faith, Qiao Mo personally led the group to help Shao Qing capture the variation vegetation. Although he didn’t bring a lot of people, each and every single one of them were elites.

He brought three peak rank 3s and another 5 rank 2s who were also nearly at rank 3. In the base there were rank 4 superhumans, but because the location they were going to wasn’t that dangerous, they didn’t have to utilize any of them.

Rank 4 superhumans were existences that could take charge. To a base, they were the top forces and couldn’t be used so easily.

Following Qiao Mo was very comfortable. His mode of transportation was a business model caravan so there was a lot of s.p.a.ce. There was even a bed inside which Shao Qing and Yan Qiyue monopolized.

Yan Qiyue particularly enjoyed resting on Shao Qing’s chest. Even though Qiao Mo and several other superhumans were beside them, Yan Qiyue would still openly take over Shao Qing’s chest, not shy at all.

Naturally all those rank 3 superhumans all lowered their heads, not daring to look at Yan Qiyue. They were all scared they might see something they shouldn’t and be killed.

After all Yan Qiyue’s temper was known to be shady and unpredictable. No one wanted to be under fire.

Shao Qing was holding a piece of crystal and was currently lying down to absorb it and restore her body. The zombie king’s crystal had contained too much energy. Although most of it was used to restore her body, there was still a portion that had entered the crystal within her brain.

In the beginning the shock was too big, but it had gradually become more gentle. Like before, a portion slowly entered her nucleus and slowly started to fill it up then another portion went to Shao Qing’s body where it helped restore her internal organs and arteries.

Even though this process was rather slow, the current her could already bring out 50% of her previous ability. It was only when she overused her superpowers did her internals start to hurt.

“Wife, a superhuman power source should be better than a zombie crystal.” Yan Qiyue knew that Shao Qing’s injuries weren’t light, he immediately felt his heart ache. Thinking about it he said: “Wait until we get back and I can check the inventory. Even though we don’t have a lot of wood elemental superhuman source crystals, there should still be a few. You can absorb it and see.”

Among the group, the rank three wood elemental couldn’t help but shrink back trying to pretend he didn’t exist. Otherwise he was scared Yan Qiyue might settle on them as his crystal source…..

“Within my body there’s still a piece of high ranked crystal. Right now I can’t absorb too high ranked zombie crystals. Even more I can’t absorb source crystals otherwise the powers will collide and add on to my injuries.” Shao Qing rubbed Yan Qiyue’s head. She has started to like this action. Yan Qiy

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