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marybethgriggs > The End Of The World\'s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby > Chapter 126 - Volume 2 Chapter 25 Want to cut in line?
Volume 2 Chapter 25 Want to cut in line?

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Shao Qing had no intention of stopping. She had made a firm decision to end Qiao Yu’s life. Even if G.o.d came, she would still kill her.

But in the end Shao Qing didn’t kill Qiao Yu. Before Shao Qing could make a move, Qiao Yu was already at a state in which she was better off dead than alive.

E/N But she is dead though derr dont make sense

Crouching on the ground, Xiao Baozi had one hand holding Yaya and one hand holding Qiao Yu’s ankle. A visible green light seemed to endlessly flow from Qiao Yu’s body.

Within a few seconds, Qiao Yu had become a dried corpse. Her hair dried up, skin and bones left with her two eyes bulging, she was terrifying to look at.

With a whoosh, Xiao Baozi jumped onto Shao Qing’s chest and lodged a complaint: “So ugly, Mama. Baby is scared.”

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Shao Qing laughed and rubbed Xiao Baozi’s head and covered his eyes: “Baby don’t be scared.” After comforting Xiao Baozi, the first thing Shao Qing did was call her teammates over to prepare to break out of an enclosure.

She was currently a mid level rank four. After restoring her health, she had increased her ability to manipulate s.p.a.ce. Even though her ability to control s.p.a.ce still wasn’t strong and wasn’t comparable to the zombie king, combined with her wood elemental ability, breaking out should be simple.

Qiao Mo’s face was unsightly. He had arrived too late. Qiao Yu was already dead. The people who made the move was obvious, it was Shao Qing and her group.

The most amazing thing is that the first words that Qiao Mo said wasn’t violent or criticizing. His tone was calm as if the person who died in front of him wasn’t his younger sister.

“Qiyue, are you preparing to leave?”

Yan Qiyue nodded his head: “The agreement from before was clear. When I finally decide to leave, I can leave with no worries. You still remember right?”

Qiao Mo was silent for a long time then continued to ask: “You’re not returning?”

E/N: feel bad for qiao mo

“I’m not sure.” Yan Qiyue’s meaning was clear. He just wanted to follow Shao Qing. Wherever Shao Qing went is where he’ll go. If Shao Qing didn’t want to come back, then he definitely won’t come back.

Qiao Mo waved his hand and people immediately came forward to remove Qiao Yu’s corpse: “The person who died was my sister, I should have the right to know the reason for her death.”

Yan Qiyue looked at Shao Qing, then explained the entire situation. It was Qiao Yu’s fault for courting disaster. If it weren’t for the fact that she was Qiao Mo’s sister, she probably would have died over a thousand times.

After hearing the explanation, Qiao Mo nodded his head: “I believe you. It was Qiao Yu’s fault. I naturally won’t do anything. Will you guys be staying for a few days or leaving immediately?”

Speaking to this point, Shao Qing couldn’t help

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