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Chapter 72 Beyond Belief

Xiao Liu’s body was completely split in half with his organs splayed all over the floor. Another two bodies were all mutilated on the floor and the fire user had his thoracic cavity torn out, exposing his bones and all his innards.

But even worse was the youth Yan Hanqing had sent flying. His entire lower half had only a few bones left.

Every single corpse was a spectacle too horrible to endure. The only one who was still alive… was Lin Xiaofeng. His left hand was broken, his arm dangling helplessly on the floor. His entire body was blood stained as he was on his last breath. Seeing Shao Qing, he hoa.r.s.ely called out: Jiao Jiao… Jiao Jiao has been taken…”

“What kind of thing was it?”” Shao Qing calmly took out some medicine and helped stop the bleeding of Lin Xiaofeng’s injuries. Using his still moveable right arm, he grabbed onto Shao Qing’s arm and eagerly said: “It was a variation zombie who was extremely strong. It could easily rip apart a living person into two. By its side was also a zombie hound. Captain Shao, please…. I’m begging you. Please save Jiao Jiao….”

Shao Qing was expressionless, but she also had no intention of making any moves. She only slowly applied medicine to Lin Xiaofeng. Lin Xiaofeng anxiously begged:”If you just save Jiao Jiao, then the reward for this entire mission will be yours!”

“If you die here, then when we return, the rewards will definitely be all ours.” Shao Qing expressionlessly replied.

“Not just that. If you just save Jiao Jiao, all my resources and a.s.sets, I’ll give it to you!” Lin Xiaofeng’s tears were already streaming down his face. It wasn’t just his teammates, he had also overestimated himself.

Therefore now that they had fallen, it was especially disastrous.

Cheng Jiao was his childhood friend and also his lover, Since the apocalypse they had been together to now, supporting each other. But fighting here, his brothers had died and even Cheng Jiao’s life or death was unknown.

“Why?” Shao Qing asked suspiciously: “I thought that you would beg me to take you away from this city. After all she had been taken away by a zombie. Even if she wasn’t dead she’s probably a zombie by now.”

“I love her….” Lin Xiaofeng’s gla.s.ses were already lost somewhere. Desperately grabbing at Shao Qing’s arms, his voice was very hoa.r.s.e.

“Hanqing, you guys bring Captain Lin back to the car, I will search around and see if I can find Cheng Jiao.” After loosening Lin Xiaofeng’s grip, she prepared to investigate. Personally she didn’t believe that Cheng Jiao was still alive, After all, not all zombies were like her and Er Dai who would capture people and take care of them instead of eat them. Just from searching for a while, it would make Lin Xiaofeng owe her a favour which would be rather useful. If she was able to find Cheng Jiao’s corpse that would be even better, then they would be able to live up to Lin Xiaofeng’s plead.

Without saying anyt

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