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Chapter 16: Survivor

“Why are you sweating so much? Were you frightened?” Gu Panpan gave the woman a simple inspection. Discovering that there were no wounds, the pale faced woman wiped the sweat on her face. “Obviously I was frightened! That zombie came jumping out of nowhere and I almost became the food in its stomach.”

“As long as you aren’t injured, in comparison to everything else, it is definitely better.” Gu Panpan patted the woman’s shoulder. The woman only smiled, but her face became all the more paler.

“Leave, why are you just standing there?” Her husband had come over, patting the woman as well, but the woman became startled, hurriedly repeating. “Leave, leave, leave….”

“Has your spirit been scared off?” The man laughed, pulling the woman to follow. This time it was A Tu clearing the way. He was an earth elemental superhuman with the highest defensive capabilities, he was the best suited for this role.

This time, everyone was cautious and solemn when they were entering. Not discovering another zombie, they just saw piles of bones spread out on the ground. It appears that these people have died quite some time ago.

“So much provisions….” Gu Panpan stared foolishly at the granary. She did not expect that the granary would unexpectedly have this much food remaining. It must be because that variation zombie was protecting this area, thus most of the food provisions weren’t taken away by others.

The others went to the surrounding granaries to take a look. As expected, not even a drop of rice could be found to be remaining in the others. It may be a.s.sumed that the piles of bones might be the remains of the previous investigation teams.

“It must be that they plundered all the granaries all around and the ones that they sent over to this granary were all killed by the variation zombie. Since they were able to harvest so much, they probably didn’t care about a little extra food provisions. Not to mention they would be worried about how this granary might have quite a few variation zombies, thus they just decided to depart. Now that had just benefited us.” Gu Panpan was extremely excited.

Even A Tu echoed in agreement with Gu Panpan. “I also think that was what happened! Our luck is really awesome. With these provisions, even if we have to hand over half of it, we would still get quite a bit!”

“Go open the car quickly. Otherwise how else would we be able to transport the provisions?” Shao Qing was relatively calm and collected. After all, this mother and son duo did not have much demands in regards to food.

“I’ll go open it.” Gu Chuan volunteered and Yan Hanqing promptly followed him forward as well.

Everyone else kept guard at the entrance, resting a bit inside the granary. The young couple even took out some things and began cooking some dried meat.

After turning the dried meat into a pot of stew and mixing it with other rations, it could easily replenish their physical strength. Waiting for Gu Chuan and Yan Hanqing to bring the two cars over to this area, the rest of the group began to eat.

In reality, Shao Qing did not need to eat at all. However, she couldn’t reveal that she was too different from an average person, thus she followed along with the others and ate a small portion of the provisions. Feeding some of the meat stew to Xiao Baozi, then she found a convenient place where she could nearly puke everything out to settle her upset stomach.

After resolving the issues of satisfying their hunger, the group of people began to move the provisions into the car. Everyone was happy and excited. Right in the beginning, they accordingly divied up the portions of the provisions. The three superhumans would each receive twenty percent and the couple would each receive ten percent.

The newly added members Yan Hanqing and Shao Qing added up together would obtain twenty percent. The reason for this is because they had just recently entered, not to mention one of

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